Red Quinoa and ”Dilly” Salmon -Punaista kinoaa ja tillistä lohta

I think it has become rather evident how I love different kind of salads. I feel like they are the most refreshing combination with meat and fish in the evening. Salads are good for tummy too due to the fibres and meat and fish gives the protein and fats. Last night I tried red quinoa instead of natural coloured one as it is visually more attractive on the plate. The flavour is in fact the same. Personally I love the consistency of quinoa and I much rather add quinoa to my salads than bulgur or couscous. Quinoa has a high protein content and many other important ingredients (dietary fiber, phosphorus, magnesium and iron).

I cooked my sea salt coated salmon filets simply in the oven in 180 celsius degrees in the foil for 15minutes and chopped some dill on top.

I warmly recommend red quinoa it is visual, tasty and healthy too!


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