My Australia -Minun Australiani

I so often write about London or food, but I easily forget to mention how much we travel. Of course having a baby has slowed down our traveling a little bit but not as much as one could imagine. Our little baby girl has already been to four countries and flown probably at least 15 flights whilst only being 7-months old. She is a true jet setter. By taking our small daughter to see the world makes me realised how much life has changed since I was 7-month old myself. Flying particularly flying from Finland  used to be so expensive that hardly any families were able to afford it back in early eighties.  For us the biggest question at the moment is when we should fly to Australia. It is 26 hours of which 22-23 hours we would spend on the plane. Literally I could not have found my husband further from me..or in fact I could,  from New Zealand. I still think Australia is pretty far and visiting the family there is always a three week trip.

I love Australia. Who wouldn’t? I know many people say it is the country of creepy crawlies and animals that killsyou, but for me it is the land of cute cuddly animals, sun, beaches, BBQ and smiling people. Tonight for some reason I have gone through the old photos from our trips to Australia and even looking at them, makes me want to fly there soon. With a small baby it will be a challenge.

We got married in this amazing location at Brisbane river:


It is just beautiful when the sun is setting!

I love to do the rain forest walks near Cairns where my husband comes from.. (well he says he comes from there but he has lived all over the country …)

rain forest

You sometimes see spiders though..

But in general Australia is just phenomenally beautiful!

We have done snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, toured vineyards in Yarra valley.
de bortoli wines

We usually enjoy eating breakfast on my mother-in-law’s patio that is overlooking to the rain forest or staying at stunning resorts in Noosa or Port Douglas, both like small paradises on earth.

port douglas

I have seen many creepy eight legged creatures and snakes too, I don’t deny it, but I have also seen koalas, kangaroos, ,cassowaries and crocodiles in wild. Every time it has take my breath away.

Overall Australia is amazing! I am proud that my daughter is both a Finn and Australian. I know one day we will live there but that time just hasn’t come yet.

kangaroo sign

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