Cheerful Amsterdam -Iloinen Amsterdam

The other weekend we travelled to Amsterdam. Our Australian friend married a Dutch lady and we were invited to the wedding reception that was held in a lovely restaurant boat. We enjoyed catching up with our friends, sipping bubbles and nibbling canapés. Our little girl is such a social butterfly that she seemed to be enjoying her time too. Our trip was fantastic overall. Baby slept beautifully and was well in general and we had lovely couple’s time when she was napping!


We stayed in a great location near Vondelpark where we were able to spot all the beautiful villas overlooking to the park ponds. If you go to Amsterdam this park is on the list to do with babies and toddlers. It is also a very romantic park for couple’s picnics!


Our hotel was a private suite residence called Prince Henry. Fabulous! The hotel had only a few rooms for guests so it was quite intimate in a good way. The owner was the sweetest lady you can possible imagine. She had a ”happy hour” every day meaning she served fantastic home made cocktail snacks and cakes downstairs. There was also a fridge downstairs full of rose and white wine in addition to Dutch beer and other refreshments and it was free for the guests without any extra charge!!  We definitely drank our share of white and rose wine in the warm summer evenings! The apartment suite we stayed in was had nostalgic glamour, old furniture and dark wood and marble. Gorgeous! I have to mention here that my dear Aussie husband is the best travel agent I have ever met. He surprises me time after another with the most amazing accommodation and location!


We had to try the funny local brasserie chain called Bagels and Beans!

It was good but maybe a bit overrated, I mean coffee was nice and bagels good but I think it is all about the concept rather than the flavour. I like their fair trade approach though!

Amsterdam is really beautiful. It is one of those cities that I could easily live in, although Copenhagen is still my all time favourite! I love to see people exercising in the park and riding bicycles everywhere with their small ones in front or back of the bike! After a long walk we found a great pub or should I say beer house and I had a very interesting drink. It was a light beer but it had some caramel flavour added to it such as it tasted more like a dark Belgian style Trappist beer (that I bye the way absolutely love!). It reminded me of my exchange student year in France, Strasbourg, where the bars served all sort of flavoured beers. Well, soon we will be traveling to Belgium so I can taste some of my favourite local Trappist beers!

I found a crazy American store that sold all the goodies so I couldn’t resist and poked my head in…


During this trip we mainly cooked dinners at the apartment hotel. It was easier with a small baby. Maybe in a half an year time we can go dining out without a hassle. This trip was mainly just relaxing and we didn’t have any specific restaurants in our minds so from culinary point of view the trip was pretty average. With the special diet I am on during this breastfeeding period, dining out is quite difficult. Being so, I may need to wait for a couple of more months or so until I can go and enjoy the amazing restaurant dinners. I already know which London fine dining restaurant I will try when we will have a couple’s night out! It will be L’Autre Pied in Marylebone. Anyway, until then I keep on cooking as finely as I can at home!

Below a picture that is a must-do in Amsterdam!


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