Surprise Saturday pampering -Lauantain yllätyshemmottelu

My dear Aussie husband surprised me on Friday night.  I was having a lovely glass of Chardonnay in a local pub with my Norwegian friend. We had a proper girls’ evening, talking rubbish and having great time.  After coming back home I went to change my nighty on when I suddenly noticed there was a small piece of paper on my pillow in the bed. There was a poorly drawn heart on it and my name written with wonky handwriting. I opened it and there was a surprise full body massage reservation done for the Saturday midday to one of the most amazing local beauty salons. I was wordless. How sweet was that?

In the Saturday morning we did a walk in our new neighbourhood that I am absolutely in love with. A couple of months ago we decided to move to a bit more North London and get a big place for ourselves with the beautiful back garden and a small ”guest wing” as we call it. With the baby girl it is nice to have more space, two levels and big kitchen to do my cooking in.

I haven’t posted any photos of our new place. I love our rose gate in the backyard.

photo (57)
The neighbourhood has just more and more stunning houses nearby and I love admiring them. This was what we discovered whilst doing our morning walk in the morning. Pretty!

photo (55)

We had a cup of tasty coffee in our local Italian brasserie before I headed to enjoy my massage.

photo (56)
The place I had my massage in is called ”House of Vanity”. It is such an amazing beauty salon. So luxurious and the massage was one of the best I have ever had, even the massage I once got in a fancy Alpine resort cannot beat it. It is so difficult to find a good massager and I think now I have found one so I will return to this salon..soon. Breastfeeding and nigh time wake ups have really made my shoulders and neck tight so a good massage is worth every single penny!

photo (58)
What a relaxing Saturday afternoon. I feel like a human again. London is great! I have a peace of mind (and body too!).


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