My secret spot in Swiss Alps -Salapaikkani Sveitsin Alpeilla

I promised I would post some traveling and accommodation tips. I love the Alps, particulary Swiss Alps. I have both happy and tragic memories from Switzerland. We have been there several times. We did Montreux jazz festival, which was just a phenomenal experience. We did a small ski break in Villars after just moving to London and from this trip I remember a relaxing massage experience and a cute hotel we stayed in. The tragic trip was when we went for skiing in Davos, that by the way in skiing and nightlife sense is so great, but I broke my knee really badly and what even worse this happened on the very first day of our trip.  Being so from this trip I mainly remember Alpine restaurants where I tried to spend my time in whilst my dear Aussie husband was skiing and in addition to this I do remember the excellent hotel care I got.

When I was already pregnant we decided to do a summer trip to Switzerland instead of a winter trip. This summer trip was  a tragic one too. We drove the most beautiful mountain road from Lugano to Interlaken when the car behind us suddenly started overtaking on the narrow road, the motorcyclist was coming ahead and the car behind us almost killed us. Luckily the driver only hit us when quickly saving the situation by coming in front. He, however, smashed our rental car completely and there we were on a mountain road kilometres high up with the completely broken car! Wow!


I was obviously just relieved that we didn’t get into a bad car accident as I had a small baby growing  in my tummy!

After getting to the closest Alpine village we got help and taped the bumper bar back to its place! From this village we drove to Interlaken and stayed in a small B&B up on the mountains! The B&B was called Fineli and you can find the website for bookings here. The website is not easy to find and was the result of my long lasting internet research! This place took our thoughts away from the shocking driving experience.

The B&B was just stunning. The rooms were cottage type, the mountain air fresh and surroundings just breathtaking! The food in this place was excellent too.  They had a lovely terrace overlooking to the valley. Even though being a B&B the restaurant menu was fantastic and food delicious, in fact surprisingly high end.The breakfast included was super tasty too.

photo (62)

The best thing on the breakfast table was home made yoghurt that had dulce de leche in the bottom of the yoghurt. It was served in an old fashioned glass pot!  So Swiss! Sweet, freshly home-made healthy and good!

photo (63)

I would recommend this place for anyone. The drive from Lugano via mountain road to Interlaken is the most beautiful Swiss nature the country can offer. Also when you leave the B&B the lakes near Interlaken are gorgeous too and worth stopping for a picnic or coffee. The water is freezing cold but blue as the sky! If you have a chance to visit this secret spot of ours, go! We are planning to travel back to this B&B with our little daughter next summer. The fresh mountain air will give her the best night sleeps!

photo (64)


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