End of the Year Thoughts -Vuoden lopun ajatuksia

Image2014 has been definitely the toughest year of my life. I know many people say that the first year with their baby is the most wonderful year of their life. I have been reflecting this statement a lot lately and for me the past year has been far from being an enjoyable maternity leave or bonding experience with my baby. It has not been a leave at all as it is literally called, rather a work camp where I have been dealing with an irrational creature called baby. I can only do iffing, but I guess the past year would have been easier if my baby girl did not have all the crazy allergies, horrific excema skin that made her scratch herself until she bled, massive sleeping issues etc. I can pity myself but I think this year has been a tough start for her too. She really suffered for a long time and there was nothing I could do. Now when the year is close to the end I think my New Year resolution will be promise to be an optimist. The sleep deprivation and worry during the whole year really changed my personality and natural ability to think positively. From now on I need to focus to get it back. I can only hope, wish and trust that the next year will be easier. I know there is no sign of it being so but I can only wish.

There has been many changes in my life lately some of them good some of them bad or should I say challenging. I will tell more later. At the moment I am however looking forward to reach the end of the year and sigh. At least I made it mentally and physically in one piece.


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