A small little place in Soho -Pikkupaikka Sohossa

I love my coffee. I love brunching, lunching and dining out. I guess I could have been one of those women who never grow up and could always just be out and about partying or having fun socialising with my friends. I haven’t given up of my outings after the baby and I never will (of course they have been a bit limited for the past 10 months). Life is all about enjoying and I will make sure my little daughter learns this attitude as well. When my sister was in London couple of weeks ago we went to this fantastic coffee shop in Soho. We just wandered and bumped into the place. I have seen it several times but never been to inside so it was about the time to give it a try. It is called Foxcroft & Ginger on Berwick Street in London. It is in the heart of Soho that I so love. I guess now after having a baby I have realised how many places I could have gone in the evenings and I still would find new ones. When I feel sad about how many things I miss due to being stuck at home, I try to comfort myself that at least I had my baby young such as when I am mid forties I can return to London and do it all again 🙂 This Foxcroft&Ginger is a coffee shop during the day time and a cool bar at the night time!

ImageStylish industrial design!

ImageMenu just gorgeous!

ImageI had Eggs Benedict with soy flat white and my sister ordered some super tasty veggie brunch. Delicious!

ImageMy favourite thing: reading menus!

ImageGymnastics horse -great piece of design!

I warmly recommend this place!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Christmas. I am in Finland now. It is so dark that sun hardly rises..no snow and I do wonder how  I was able to live in this country over 20 years all these winters through. Finns must have some additional gene to handle it. Our stay here has been pretty crazy so far..circus in fact as our baby has woken up hourly every night crying. I feel like after 10 months I do not have strength for this anymore so when we go back to London I think I will be looking to hire a night nanny to do the nights, I dream of booking a hotel as I do need some sleep.

Sorry for not being writing in Finnish lately, I have been so terribly busy (and tired) that to type the text in both languages has been just impossible. I wish you all a very merry Christmas!


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