Year 2013 -Vuosi 2013

Year 2013 has been huge. It has been difficult, full on but also filled with unique moments of love and joy.

In the beginning of the year our little daughter was born. Tiny but extremely energetic little girl.

ImageWe moved houses and have been travelling a lot.

We went to Malaga in Spain for a long holiday at the summer time…

ImageWe visited one of my dear friends in Denmark on the way to Finland last summer..

ImageWe travelled to our friends’ wedding in Amsterdam..

ImageWe jumped onto Eurostar to see my husband’s friends in Belgium..

ImageMy dear friend who lives in Hamburg had a baby so of course we wanted to fly to see the small bundle of joy..

ImageWe spent Christmas in Finland but wanted to do something special after so we travelled to Vienna and we changed the year in the most beautiful Alpine town in Salzburg. Truly as wonderful as it is described in the Sound of Music..

ImageOur baby girl has been lucky. She is 10 months old and has already been to seven countries. Being so I think I will put together a small photo album of her travels so that she can look at it when she is old enough to understand.

Year 2013 has not been only fun and travels even as it may seem so to many outsiders. It has been the toughest year of my life. Our small daughter was badly colicky for the first three months crying non stop all night long, swaddling did not help and sometimes the only thing we were able to do was taking her to the shower (although crying started straight after coming out of the shower!). It has been couple of shocking trips to A&E in the middle of the night. After the four months of colic we thought we cut the edge but then her allergies started and she did not sleep more than hour or maximum of two in one go for another 3-4 months. I could not eat anything and lost suddenly over 7 kg. Our baby girl had rather aggressive baby excema, she scratched herself until she bled, could not sleep due to the bad skin condition and was taken to the special excema care. She did not start weaning (and still really hasn’t) and did not gain weight and dropped slowly to the 2.5 percentile (from 25%). After the allergies started to ease she got really bad separation anxiety and I still remember holding her pretty much 24/7 the whole September. In October I quit breastfeeding as my mental health could not handle not being able to eat anything any more. Ever since our baby girl has been on special formula but hasn’t been eating any solids really until December small spoonfuls finally went down -a small win-. The progress has not been remarkable but at least the weight is slowly climbing up.

Crazy year but we made it. I still don’t get much sleep but at least my baby girl is healthier. Luckily she cannot remember this year and how unwell she was at times. Poor little thing. She is such a social little butterfly these days, active and alert. So active that she still continues her adventures whilst asleep and therefore wakes up a lot at the night time.. She smiles to everyone and everyone is her friend. When seeing her there is no sign of the year being tough for her whereas I guess it is much harder for me to forget all of it and look ahead with optimism. Sleep deprivation is bad and therefore some days seem very gloomy and impossible to manage. I however hope that this year will be a bit easier for all of us.

Travels will continue next destination being Tuscany in Italy. Until then I think my focus is to sleep more and think positively. Luckily I have the most amazing husband in the universe who makes me laugh even at my saddest moments. He makes every day fun and easier and has been an absolute angel helping me out with the baby the past 10 months.

I hope you all had a great New Years and that 2014 will bring lots of love and happiness for you!

Nice to be back home in London. It really feels like my home.Image.



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