Clean eating challenge January 2014

Our small family has started a clean eating and hoping to continue it at least throughout January.

For those who do not know clean eating means simple food, whole foods, no refined sugar, non processed food and literally home prepared food from scratch. When I decided to start the challenge and was making myself more familiar with the whole concept of clean eating I suddenly realised we eat pretty clean anyway, we never eat ready meals so this will not be a major change. I guess it is more that in England you so easily eat crisps, cookies, chocolate or take away sandwiches and we try to cut out all of those.

I will soon post some recipes. I had a sleepless Christmas holiday so will need to charge my batteries and recover from that but hopefully soon I have some energy to do cooking experiments again.

I got an amazing Christmas present from my darling -tickets to see Beyonce in London. All the concerts were sold out but he got a ticket for me. I am not a big fan but I love the show she puts on -always just so fabulous! Cannot wait for it!

I hope you have a lovely Friday! Here some happy music…All the single ladies..



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