Boxing day sales -Joulualet

Wow. I feel like a different person after sleeping a couple of nights only with three to four wake ups instead of ten per night! It is quite shocking to realise how important sleeping is. Unfortunately the only way to realise it is to have no sleep at all.

I went for Boxing day sales yesterday and have to say I kind of got a bit crazy..but I don’t regret it for a second as I found amazing clothes. Some people may call it vanity but for me it is very important to dress up nicely every day. I have always spent a lot of time choosing my clothes, jewellery, make-up colours, shoes and bag for the day and if I gave up from it due to busy motherhood I would not feel like myself any more. It is a tiny piece of myself that I want to keep despite the lack of time.

My shopping total was two trousers, three tops, four shirts and one cardigan. I really like all of them and they actually go nicely with some new jackets I bought before going on Christmas holidays. Being so I will add couple of outfit shots as my next few posts.

I fell in love with the black trousers that look like leather ones due to the shiny surface. They felt unbelievable comfortable. I also bought a classic burgundy long sleeve shirt that has a lace decoration in front. I think it goes perfectly with the spice of a statement necklace. In fact I loved the shirt so much that I bought it  in blue too.


Trousers River Island, Shirt Warehouse, Necklace H&M, Heels Eram



Good nail polish to go with this is Essie Bahama Mama

essie bahama mama

Same shirt in blue…WP_20140104_014(1)

I enjoyed to get some new pieces to my wardrobe. I hope you had good shopping sessions in after Christmas sales 🙂


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