Cardigan, cardigan..-Neuletakki, neuletakki

I promised to post some outfit photos as I got very excited about my shopping from Boxing Day sales. It has been exceptionally warm here in England this winter and quite sunny too. After visiting Finland over the Christmas period at the darkest time of the year -this year without snow even- I realised how much lighter it is here and how much less clothes you can actually wear when going outside. When trying this cloth combination on I suddenly noticed I have not even worn these lovely classic black boots all winter as it has been too warm for boots. Sad as I do love these boots!

The older I get the more important the quality of clothes gets. This applies particularly to cardigans and jumpers. I cannot wear bad quality knits anymore, they tickle me, don’t breath or end up being full of knots after one wash. The feel of the knit against the skin is so important. I was very happy to find this cardigan. It has nice small feature laces in front and on the sleeves, the colour is soft beige and the material pleases the skin. I got a bit shocked though when I read from the label that it has rabbit hair in it -yikes- but so be it. Feels soft and lovely anyway!



IMG_20140106_141041I will try to take some outfit photos outside as soon as possible. London weather is just very unpredictable. Just when you get your clothes on and are about to run outside to take a photo it may rain and then be sunny in half an hour time! So unfortunately this time just boring mirror pictures.

PS. You can also see my new phone in the photos. I made a leap to the dark side. I gave up using Apple. I tried Nokia Windows phone in the meantime and was not happy at all so here it is the new Google Nexus 5…and it is awesome! I know it is mainly for geeky boys but hey I can be pretty geeky at times. This phone functions so smoothly, it is actually programmed amazingly well and allows all kind of customisation which I like. The camera is fantastic, you can watch HD movies on it, large variety of apps available with all the newest functionality, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram apps just great and what I like the most it is purely Google based -maps, mail, notes everything so no more hassle to synchronise mail, notes, pics, music etc. All backed up to Google drive. Sorry about the selling speech but this phone is just fantastic! So if you are looking for a new phone have a look at this one, I recommend.


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