My Last Weekend

I had an amazing weekend last week. My sister was in town so we did all sort of lovely girly things. In fact I felt like my weekend started on Wednesday when we went to see Beyonce at O2 arena in Greenwich. My husband bought two tickets for me as a Christmas present and told me to take someone with me. Of course the first person I could think of was my sister.

So on Wednesday we headed to O2 arena to see Beyonce. We have a bit champagne to start with and the concert itself was amazing!




On Saturday we had pedicure and manicure booked in a newly opened beauty salon called Loreta Jag in Knightsbridge.



Loreta -the owner- has done bespoke mobile booked beauty treatments in London before but finally after 11 years she started her own salon in London. The salon was amazing!


Pedicure with all the massage was so relaxing. I had my nails done in a very neutral colour -easy at work and just simple and beautiful during the free time!


After the pedi- and manicure we went to the centre for  a bit of shopping. Like magic we ended up to DKNY store just when they were celebrating their 25 years birthday and they were offering free Moet&Chandon mini bottles with cupcakes to everyone!


So we were sipping champagne and doing some shopping. I found a gorgeous bag and will post about it soon!

After shopping we were starving so I took my sister to two of my favourite places: 28-50 on Marylebone lane. We had more champagne and some nibbles.


After 28-50 we went to Polpo for a quick extra bite and a small glass of red until it was time to head home.


On Sunday London was getting summer time temperatures so we went to have some white wine to our local pub called Cherry tree. Weather was so sunny and warm and we were enjoying our time at the terrace.




My weekend was just perfect! I hope you had a lovely weekend too.


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