Moving to the land of Down Under

I have not written a blog post for a long time. I am truly sorry about that. Combining 10h work days, 1,5 year old, travelling and blogging is not as easy as I thought.

I have some super exciting news though. The first one is that we are moving to Australia in early December this year.  The second piece of news is that I resigned last week and am about to stay at home with my sweet little daughter for a while. The whole resignation felt very sad as I had a wonderful working place with lovely colleagues. Of course this early resignation is mainly due to our circumstances as I need to pack up our house to the ship, do lots of cleaning and go home to Finland before jetting off to the other side of the world. I also want to speed up my daughter’s Finnish skills and cherish these special moments when she is so cute and lovely. The third news is that I am planning to set up a new blog to tell about our life in Australia. When the blog is up and running I will post a link here and you can keep on following me there. I think the new blog will be more of a life style blog and I have decided to write it in Finnish (of course I will add abstracts in English) but I do feel like I want to write in my mother language for change and hopefully Finns will find it pleasant to read in Finnish.
That is about it really. Many things to do to get our rather big house packed up to the ship soon. I love adventures and this will be one of those. Cannot wait to get out of this crazy busy city and spend more family time at the beach, fill my lung with the clean ocean air and spot some kangaroos with my daughter  🙂
kangaroo sunset


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