Iconic Eero Aarnio design -Legendaarista Eero Aarnio designia

I am proud to be a Finn for many reasons but one of them is definitely the amazing design that is born in this country. I love Eero Aarnio’s iconic design, it is 60s modern, funky and somehow it has lots of imagination in it.
One of my all time favourites is this ”ball chair” and I wish I own it one day. It would be a perfect reading corner! Also if I was ever to start my own business the office will have these in it to lounge and work!


Another thing that is on my shopping list soon is this ”Sandman” light (see below). It is on special in one store in Finland at the moment and I think I need to get it! The profile of this lamp is like a ”Sandman” character from my childhood’s TV show. It has that gentle fairytale image captured in it in a facinating way! So this week I probably will run to the store to get this lamp. No idea how I bring it to England.. in my suitcase..maybe in my carry on luggage..customs have always fun when scanning my bags ;)!


The last Aarnio thing is something for my daughter’s bedroom. I got the idea at Helsinki-Vantaa airport where the kids’ room had these funny dogs in it. I would love to buy the white one.

koira 2

I also love Aarnio’s classic ”double bubble” lights but somehow they just do not really fit well together with my other interior pieces. They are gorgeus though!

kupla lamppu

Anyway, just thought I’d share my latest favourites with you! Now I need to run to the store. My auntie and grandpa are coming for a visit and I want to go and get some groceries to prepare a lovely lunch for them! My own recipes: grape chevre sandwiches and parsnip salad are on the menu!

Have a lovely day!






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