Southern France in July -Etelä Ranska heinäkuussa

I was meaning to write about our Antibes holiday ages ago. The post has been sitting as a draft since July!

We had a great holiday in Antibes in Southern France in July.  We flew to Nice and rented a lovely apartment in Antibes. I can truly recommend this place. It was nothing particularly fancy but  a big apartment and super close to the centre. 3 bedrooms, one huge lounge, lovely modern kitchen, 3 bathrooms and a beautiful balcony view to the sea. If you want to have a look at it and you are planning a trip to southern France check out this place, it is great.

We were enjoying the beach as much as we could. Weather was phenomenal, so beautiful and warm. My dear Aussie husband started  feeling extremely home sick. He is from Queensland and loves beaches so being there on the beach every day with our daughter reminded him of his childhood.


The port is so amazing in both Cannes and Antibes! The biggest yachts as far as eye can see.


We went to Cannes too. It was nostalgic as the last time we went there I found I was expecting our little daughter right after the romatic trip!


We had to go to Carlton terrace. They definitely do the best drinks in town plus the wine selection is amazing. I picked a refreshing rose as you do in Provence!Our daughter loves her 3h naps and so do we!



We also had to take a picture of both me and us standing in front of Carlton. We did the same last time we were there. Time we had a third person with us.


Our daughter loved her first ride in the carousel. We really had to fight to get her out of this fact the lady who sold the tickets saw how desperately our daughter loved the carousel so she gave the second ride for free.


We went also to Juan-les-Pins for a day trip. It is a short walk away from Antibes. The esplanade there is gorgeus too, a bit Aussie style, more of a surfy vibe than in Antibes. A big contrast to Cannes that is just flash and fancy. Antibes is definitely more like a place were I could imagine French themselves going for a family holiday.

I have to say Cannes is still my absolute favourite out of these all, it has an easy access to Monaco and Cannes itself has great shopping, fantastic restaurants and beautful beaches! I have  a hot tip to stay in Cannes too. Last time we were there we stayed in a luxury hotel called 3.14 that has theme floors: African, Asia, Oceania.etc. It is very eccentric but super cool and artsy! They also have a great roof top pool and bar! If you fancy something different I recommend to book this place!

I absolutely love Provence. I could go there every summer and never get bored.


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