Lovely pub in Canonbury -Ihana pubi Canonburyssa

My husband and I have this great habit of discovering new pubs every weekend. I guess this is part of the life of having a baby, instead of dining in the evenings we enjoy long and tasty lunches.  I am quite picky with food so I do lots of investigation before entering a new pub. I cannot stand bad pub food, I rather not eat.  I love gastropubs but finding a good one is not easy.

This summer we wanted to return to our old neighbourhood in Highbury. We had a long morning walk and tried to aim at being in the pub around midday to feed our daughter and put her to her day time nap so that we could enjoy our lunch peacefully. I have to say our daughter is such a good day time sleeper and we have been blessed with 3h daily naps.

Near Highbury there is an area called Canonbury, we went to a pub called Albion. It is super popular so you need to book the table well in advance. Sometimes you only get a table by calling in.  The pub has the most amazing beer garden at summer time and food is just phenomenallly tasty. It is extremely family friendly too, staff treated us super well and entertained our daughter. In fact some of the best experiences as a family.

The pub is on a quiet street in Canonbury.




Food is delicious and well presented.


Beer selection is good. Some unusual choices.


They serve spit roast too for larger groups, 10 people minimum. There was one table that ordered this roast so I ran to take some photos!



Definitely not for vegetarians 🙂

If you happen to wonder in North London I warmly recommend this place. In general you only find beer gardens outside of the centre, Notting Hill and Kensington have some and then North London has many. This one you won’t get disappointed with!

Now I need to run, I am heading to Helsinki with my dad and my daughter. I hope you have a great Monday!


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