Busy Times -Kiireistä Aikaa

I came back to London on Tuesday. I had a wonderful holiday back home and it was even nicer when my dad was travelling back to London with me. Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and we will go to have a pub lunch in Gordon Ramsay’s pub called York and Albany so watch this space, next restaurant review and photos will be from there!

I have been terribly busy these last couple of days. We have had all the removal companies visiting us and assessing our stuff to estimate the container size. All of them are quoting 20 foot container as we have lots of stuff. It is good as it means we get a sole use container and after packing it will be delivered straight to the port in South Hampton. If anyone of you is ever planning to move overseas by shipping your goods, here is the list of companies that we have requested quotes from: Anglo-Pacific, Pickfords, John Mason, White and Co, Moving Company and Fox. Out of all of these my absolute favourite has been Anglo Pacific. They are specialising in Australia and New Zealand, they have a long experience of shipping to those countries and as Australian customs are super strict you want to go for a company that knows them back and forth. I got so many great tips from the guy who visited us, the things that I thought would be fine were listed as risk items such as woven baskets, bamboo decorative items and pine cones in Christmas decorations. Fortunately we don’t have those. Not all the containers will be inspected but if you happen to be the unlucky one it is not worth taking a risk as it costs a fortune if they need to fumigate the goods. Shoes and pram wheels need to be cleaned perfectly too. The guy gave me a good tip of the disinfectant liquid to use to remove the soil from those: Jeyes Fluid. This is the reason why we decided to give up our garden table set and BBQ, we just cannot bother cleaning those and still after cleaning they are kind of risky items. I am so excited though!!! I guess I was first very sad of leaving my job and knowing that I need to say so many goodbyes in Europe but now I am finally getting so excited and cannot wait to get onto the plane and head towards our next adventure. We will take at least 2 months off and just relax on the beach until our container arrives to the port of Melbourne. If we did not have a baby I would love to take the ship all the way to Australia just to experience that but with the baby the sooner we get there the better. We are booking our flights today. We are planning to have 2-3 day stop over in Singapore on the way to ease the jet lag and also to get two night flights in a row. This way hopefully the baby will sleep both of those flights! After the flights have been booked the next step is that I have to start washing our clothes so that they are clean and ready to go to the boxes. I got my permanent resident visa granted so I can bring an extra migrant luggage with me which is great! I certainly need it.

The other thing that has kept me busy for the past few days is my new knitting work. I saw a perfect Norwegian knit in my favourite blog Kalastajan Vaimo (Fisherman’s Wife) and I decided to make one. The pattern is gorgeous and I cannot wait for it to be ready.  It will be perfect for these couple of winter months in London and so great in cold Melbourne houses next summer (Aussie winter). It won’t take more than maybe a week or two to finish this. Here is a sneak peak if you want to see what it looks like. I will post the instructions here in my blog later as I know that some of you cannot read the original instructions from Kalastajan Vaimo blog as it is all in Finnish. The knit is super simple and I would classify it as medium or even easy level. I will probably knit pink and grey one for my daugther too.


In Finland I made a reindeer-trumpet chantarelle pie (Yellowfoot). I will post the recipe as my next post. It was tasty and I was particularly happy with the dough.  I was also a proud Finnish mother when my daughter tasted reindeer for the first time! I know some of you think it is horrible to eat Rudolphs but to all of you who have not tasted the reindeer meat I can tell you it is super good and amazingly tasty game meat. I personally love it as I also love moose roast.

Anyways, I will run to continue my Norwegian knit now as my daughter is having her long lunch time nap. I hope you have a lovely Friday evening today!


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