Valentino Rockstuds in my mind…

I have been dreaming of these Valentino rockstuds for a while…


My husband however persuaded me not to spend my money on ridiculously expensive shoes before our huge move to Australia which in the end was a smart move. I ruin high heels all the time,  they get stuck somewhere and here you go, heels ruined for good, shoes useless. I still could not get these shoes out of my head so when I found similar looking replicas in the store called Office I was at the counter with my credit card faster than the light. I am actually really happy I did not buy the real Valentinos..yet..will be on my shopping list in the future when this pram phase with the toddler is over. As a mummy I hardly ever have a chance to wear these king of ”hot” heels. Anyway, the replicas I found are looking like this and will do it for a while.


I have this vision of maroon clothes and these heels. Will post you later the actual photo of that outfit!

PS. Office has a nice sale on so I recommend for anyone in the UK to have  look at their sale items!


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