Mise en Dior earrings -Mise en Dior korvakorut

Many of you who read other fashion blogs may have encountered the earrings that seem to have impressed  fashion lovers. These are the Dior style Mise en Dior earrings that have studs or pearls in both ends of the earrings. They look sophisticated and trendy. They are simple but yet so stylish.

mise en dior

Mise en Dior earrings. Double pearls.

I saw the Zara versions of the earrings in one of my favourite blogs Style Plaza. I actually preferred them compared to the Dior ones as the Zara double pears bend nicely over the ear lobe as the pearls are further from each other than in the Dior version. This makes ears look somehow more feminine. After seeing them I could not get the earrings out of my head. I felt I needed them (as I so often do with clothes..). I found a similar looking pair in Finland, in fact I found them at Lindex.

lindex korvakorut double studs

Lindex earrings. By the way now in sale!

Very similar to Zara’s ones as you can soon notice.



When I returned back to London I went instantly on Zara’s website and bought the double pearl earrings. I tried to find them in all the Zara stores (including Heathrow airport..)I passed but none of them had those earrings on display. I got the pair last week.  They are just gorgeous. I usually prefer real materials and am not a big fan of buying earrings from high street stores but I have been extremely happy with these double pearls. They rock!


Zara pearl earrings.


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