Parenting and toddler activities in North London -Taaperon aktiviteetteja Pohjois-Lontoossa

I have enjoyed my every day life in London with our little daughter since we came back from Finland. I have done something lovely every day, I have either seen my friends or taken my daughter to some activity, sometimes doing both. Usually every morning in the week I take my daughter to some class. They all vary from music and dancing to toddler gymnastics. She loves them all (and I love them too!). Our daughter is such a social little butterfly, active and adventurous. This morning my 20-month old daughter told me not to assist her as she wanted to walk on the beam all by herself. She did it without any mistakes, she confidently just walked  on the narrow beam and did not fall down once, my little gymnast! I know, how funny is this, when I did gymnastics and was in the Finnish junior national team I always swore that my child -if I was to have one- would never do artistic gymnastics, at least not at the competitive level as I did..and here I am seeing the same glow in my daughter’s eyes when she gets onto the beam as I did when I was taken to my first gymnastics training. How could I say no. I probably won’t.

Anyway, as a tip for you all, if any of you is living in North London the following classes are great: Movers and Shakers, Tumble Tots and Monkey Music. My daughter absolutely loves all of these activities. In general she is extremely kind with other kids, she is not possessive at all and even now when her ”mine” -phase is going on, she is always sharing toys with other kids. I have to say I feel extremely proud. I think this is not only a natural characteristic of her personality but also a result of her having been surrounded with other kids on daily basis since she was a baby, attending various classes or having regular play dates with other children. It was amazing to see when my Finnish friend was visiting us that her son and our daughter played hours and hours together, hugging and kissing and there were no sharing issues or toddler fights. We were both looking at our children with mother’s pride in our eyes.

I have been thinking of children’s social skills a lot lately and I have to admit I get very sad when I see toddlers who don’t know how to play with other kids or are extremely possessive or coping badly socially. It must be horrible, embarrassing and make parents’ life really difficult as every play date ends up being a nightmare and it is just easier to stay at home than confront the situation. I always thought that our difficulties with allergies were tough but now I see everything in a different perspective, allergies are a small little complication in our every day life compared to social difficulties toddlers may have. I think a socially difficult toddler would be my worst nightmare as I love being with other people so much and my husband is the same.  I cannot wait for us to move to Melbourne and hang out with all our dear friends with children. I love parties, hosting people and invite people with kids to our house and we genuinely enjoy family gatherings. This is why I feel blessed to have a daughter who loves it too.

One more activity trip. If it is a rainy day and we have no play date scheduled (which is rare) I take my daughter to Little Dinosaur. It is a wonderful indoor soft play adventure play ground. It has a cafe attached to it so you can sip your coffee whilst your toddler is discovering the play ground. When I went there my daughter was so fascinated with other kids that I was just looking, admiring and thinking I should have asked some of my friends to come to have a coffee with me!

Here are some pictures of Little Dinosaur.


There are two areas, one for babies and younger toddlers and one for bigger toddlers.


Our daughter was still in younger toddlers area as she is so tiny.


These pictures were taken before it got so busy that there was no spare space on the playground!

Have a great Wednesday. Our nanny is looking after our daughter tonight so I am having a date night with my dear husband again! Such a treat!

Next recipe will be the pumpkin pie!


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