Champagne and shopping day in London

Our baby has been sleeping really badly lately. It takes over 1,5h to get her to sleep, I sit next to her bed for an hour holding  her hand to get her to sleep and still she just wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and crying for hour or two without settling. Almost two years without sleep. Rough. Unexplainable. Anyway, must be some crazy developmental thing (like I always explain to myself). Due to this I needed a mummy day, a day just for myself, without baby, without responsibilities, without duties, without anything than me, myself. Not hard to guess what it included: shopping and champagne.

I went to our old neighbourhood in Marylebone. We used to live at St. Christopher’s place. The best spot in London I would say.

st christpoher's palce

I loved that time. Right in the centre, always able to walk home from almost any party, going to see shows in West End…Dream come true!

I tried not to shop too much, I have already so many clothes to import to Australia, but I bought a cute short suit. Perfect for Australian summer, chic but not too hot in a warm (read hot) weather. Will be nice when I finally get some tan on my turkey look a like legs!

short suit

As I took a day off from being a mother and went to the centre I could not prevent of going to Selfridges. It was so lovely. In fact I was planning to go to HIX in Selfridges to have a glass of champagne and read a book but the queue was so ridiculously long that I gave up. I wandered on the second floor where all the big brands have their spaces. I just love to see all the amazing pieces of clothes. After a while I ended up in the third floor which is women’s clothing and lingerie. How beautiful is everything there! Was so hard not to hand in my credit card and get crazy.

selfridges undearwear

My Saturday night has mainly consisted of sipping champagne, Pol Roger which is my absolute favourite! I never get bored with it!

champagne glass

It has this delicate and soft taste.


My memory wanders to the days back in 2009 when I used to sip Pol Roger every Tuesday in Grotesk in Helsinki with my dear husband. Oh it feels like eternity after almost 730 sleepless nights. ( I probably should not count.)

Two weeks until the removalist company comes to pack our stuff and three weeks until we fly to the other side of the world. I have mixed feelings. I could not be happier to move to Australia, I absolutely love the country but I am so afraid how our daughter adjusts the situation of being without own home for 2,5 months. She is such a bad sleeper. I hope our amazing family time will be enjoyable, happy and full of joy! Cheers.

pol roger


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