Merry Christmas and hi from Singapore

Sorry for the blog silence. The last couple of weeks in London were super busy, removalists, cleaners, last dinners and lunches with friends and we did not have any wifi until we moved to our friends’ place at Tower Hill for the last nights. You will soon get to read posts from Australia as we are flying to Brisbane tonight. Now we are in Singapore.


Our flight went super well. We chose Singapore airlines and it was great, extremely good service and food. Out of 12,5 hours our baby girl slept for 10 hours, the flight was smooth and we felt refreshed afterwards which was amazing. Our daughter had hardly any jet lag and has been such a good girl these couple of days in Singapore. We have had a dream like stopover, Singapore noodles, drinks at the famous colonial Raffles hotel, just unbelievably relaxing time.


I love Singapore, I will do another post about it later. So much to tell. Only thing I can say is that we have been staying in the most amazing apartment hotel, our daughter has enjoyed the infinity pool on the 21. floor overlooking the city. Swimming and laughing like she had done that all her life.

 image (1)

She loves water which is nice as the next three weeks we will swim every day in my father in law’s pool near Brisbane. Anyway I absolutely love Singapore! I am so excited, feeling so happy and I can only say that the move to this side of the world has been the best decision we have done for a long time. I had totally forgotten the lifestyle you get in this kind of warm climate. London is amazing for couples and as regards work but this lifestyle is just fantastic. I love the smell of tropical air, I love the sun, pools, outdoorsy life and food, it is amazing to buy Australian broccoli from the supermarket! For me this right now feels like a better life. Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy yours where ever you are celebrating it.


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