Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

Massive blog silence but I guess it is justified after a huge two month packing operation. We are here in Oz and finally on holidays. Our second flight from Singapore to Brisbane did not go as well as the first one. Our baby did not sleep a second on the 7 1/2 h flight but she was happy and well behaved. I was so impressed. She knows she is on the airplane and she needs to be good. This sleepless flight meant however that we spent all Christmas day without any sleep as we arrived in Australia on Christmas morning. We did not care, we were happy we made it.

Singapore airport was amazing. Disney had built a huge Disney castle in the middle of the airport lounge and had brought different Disney characters there, our daughter absolutely loved it!


It was easy to wait for the flight as she was so nicely entertained. Singapore is definitely the best airport to fly through with a child when going to Oz or NZ. I have been to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Doha in the Middle East but nothing beats the spacious and entertaining Singapore airport!

image (6)

We have loved our first week here in Australia. We have been swimming every day, our daughter loves it. We cannot get her out of the pool. We have eaten so much seafood: huge king prawns ( I had forgotten how big they are in this part of the world..), lobsters, Moreton bay bugs, PNG mud crabs…you name it. I love seafood, I am not that big fan of meat so this is a dream life for me. Also after struggling in the crowded public transport and queueing on the roads to get from place A to B in London it is so unbelievably relaxed here. Public transport is almost empty just like in Finland, always a seat for you, roads are empty and you can talk about a traffic jam when three cars are stuck in a red traffic light. Cannot even describe how relaxed and happy I feel, just like at home in Finland but with the most amazing weather. It has been over 30 degrees every day and I love it!  I don’t struggle in a hot weather in fact the opposite I enjoy it. All the government offices here are clean, neat and nice, full of lovely and friendly people. It is almost pleasure to take care of all the bureaucratic things. We had to wait for 15 minutes!!! Can you believe! Super fast and efficient service and staff is so knowledgable! Plus everyone is a native English speaker or at least speaks perfectly so there is no room for misunderstandings. I don’t even have to mention how happy that makes me feel.

image (4)

We took our daughter to Southbank in Brisbane that has a huge outdoor swimming pool plus all the museums and galleries. Everything was clean and new. The massive entertainment complex was great and the natural history museum was perfect for toddlers…(also perfect to go in to get some aircon on a 34 degree day!)

image (3)

You can probably sense I am feeling truly happy here. Not being in Oz for two years I cannot believe how I had forgotten the life style you get over here. This is just like Finland but with the most amazing weather and seafood. So functional and so good for children. It is nice to see that healthy exhaustion in my daughter’s eyes in the evening when she had spent all her day in a swimming pool and running outdoors. I feel also different when the air I breath is clean, sun is shining outside, pool is waiting for me to jump in and food is good. What more could I dream of. Happy new year!  Cannot wait for what 2015 has to offer.

image (5)

Pool in the backyard..we have been missing this.

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  1. Merry New Year Pia!!!
    Loved reading that, so pleased you’re all settled in and slowly acclimatising to your new environment. Hope you have a fabulous rest of 2015 and look forward to reading more about the antics in Aus, enjoy the prawns.



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