Walkabout Creek wildlife, QLD

We had a lovely day yesterday. We went to Walkabout Creek to see more Australian wildlife. I was so excited to trial my new camera with the professional lense I got as a Christmas present from my dear husband. I cannot remember if I told about it but I got CANON EOS 100D with two lenses. One Canon lense and one professional one. I also got a super stylish white professional camera back bag to carry my camera, lenses and macbook in. It has been super useful here! The professional lense is TAMRON AF 55-200mm 1:4-5.6 MACRO. I am super happy with it. Perfect for wildlife photographs and zooming as you can see below!


Owls in love.

IMG_0498This animal above I have never seen before, it is called a quoll, a carnivorous marsupial.


Some red wallabies too..and more kangaroos..sun baking..what a life!






It was so beautiful to walk around. Our daughter loved every second of it.


I love Australian landscape, the contrast of green and the reddish ground is beautiful.


We drove up to Mount Glorious mountain to have some ice coffee and spot the beautiful scenery. There is a lovely coffee shop on the top of the mountain which is extremely idyllic. We have been there before but thought we want to take our dear daughter there too. We have this Ford Territory at the moment, could not get any more Australian! It goes super smoothly up the hill but eats petrol like a tank.


Ice coffee with ice cream in the bottom and whipped cream on top. Tasty!

Today we are planning to go to Brisbane West End. It was raining heavily in the morning but now the sun is out again and we can hit the town. Hope you have a nice start of the week!


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