Back to Singapore for a bit…

Like I mentioned before Singapore was amazing. So amazing that I could imagine to live there at some point of our lives. I love the smell and feel of tropical air believe it or not, I don’t have Polar Circle genes for some reason. I loved the humidity in t the air and the burning heat. As Singapore was so great I would like to share some tips here.

Accommodation first. There are plenty of options of course and pretty high end like everything in Singapore. We stayed in a lovely one bedroom apartment in Pan Pacific. With our allergic child hotel rooms just won’t work for us as we need to be able to cook all the meals for her so it is always a lot more planning involved when traveling. Pan Pacific was fantastic. Super child friendly, modern Scandi decor, amazing aircon, great breakfast, infinity pool on the 21st floor and the perfect location. View to the harbour was stunning!


We stayed near the Arab quarter. It is a cool, artsy and stylish area. Lots of small boutiques and bars. If I did not have a child I would have been going out there every evening. Jazz bars and middle eastern cuisine! Fantastic.


One must do thing in Singapore is the Raffles hotel. Like I mentioned in my previous post this is a colonial hotel, super fancy, great courtyard for drinks. Drinks are super expensive but the place is worth a visit. Most of the people are there drinking Singapore sling cocktails as they are the Singapore classic. As I am not a big fan of cocktails I ordered some white wine.



We met Santa there too, which our daughter loved. She got even a decorated gingerbread as a gift but could not obviously eat it as it had all the deadly ingredients in it.


Another great place is a water park for toddlers and kids. It is in the area called Gardens by the Bay. The whole area is a huge tropical garden, super impressive and extremely child friendly! Our daughter did not want to leave this water fountain park as you can imagine.


You get also amazing views of the Singapore landmark Marina Bay Sands hotel. My husband was looking for us to stay there but they only had hotel rooms not apartments so did not work for us this time. It is an architectural miracle as you can see in the pictures above and below. The big boat like structure stays on the three poles that consist the hotel -unreal! It is huge too!


Beneath this Marina Bay Sands there is a huge shopping mall that is worth visiting. All the luxury brands are represented including a three floor Chanel store: men’s fashion, women’s fashion and make up all in separate floors!


We ate lots of quick noodles in the malls during this trip and they were better than any noodles in the best noodle bars in London or elsewhere I have been to. One evening I had this phenomenally good vegetarian dry noodle dish. It was so tasty that I went and ordered it again on the next day! I know, quite boring of me but it was too good to leave as one off thing…


Today we head to Brisbane city and I hope to take some beautiful shots of the town and the river. I hope you have a great day too!

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