Watsons Bay in Sydney

Yesterday we did a trip to Watsons Bay. It is a beautiful small bay with views to the CBD. Lovely area to live to as you can catch the ferry to work.

image (22)

The water is calm there and there are couple of good restaurants. The red hot place to go is Doyles on the Beach. I have been there once and the seafood is amazing. You can order huge seafood platters that have everything you can possibly dream of.

image (23)

This time, however, we went to Beach club next door as it was just easier with the child, no white table clothes, lots of room to run around and an own table for toddlers to draw with crayons. Food was nice, nothing amazing but good tasty fresh food. I ordered seared yellow fin tuna salad, the tuna tasted amazing. My husband ordered crab sliders to start with and traditional fish and chips as main.

image (21)

After the lunch and couple of tasty Rieslings we took a ferry ride to the Rocks (centre of Sydney) to admire the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

image (19)

Then we walked to Martins Place that sadly was in the news in December due to the siege. We took a train from there to Bondi Junction where our friends who we are staying with live. I am so glad our friends live in such a great location, so convenient to go around. Their house is super nice too. It is a brand new terrace, 4 bedrooms, big open plan kitchen, 3 bathrooms, small backyard and beautiful high ceilings. It has the old front but everything in the house is new and modern, light and clean. I love it and staying here has made me convinced I want to get a new townhouse in Melbourne (or a new apartment). I cannot handle old carpets, squeaky floorboards, badly built or run down everything, paint that comes off, broken small things. I like that clinical clean and white Scandi look. It is so nice here when all the corners are perfectly sealed and painted, a bit different than we had back in London. In hindsight I think we should have gone for a new built in London too, as a Finn I just do not get the old ”charm” but well I learned it and I know now what I want. This Bondi Junction area is also super good for kids as it has the most amazing parks and playgrounds nearby. The playgrounds in Australia are just fantastic.

image (25)

There are so many things for toddlers to do, they are designed to be safe and lots of water features too. For example today my dear daughter was playing with the water for ages getting all wet, I had a relaxing time with my coffee in the sun whilst she had a great time.

image (24)

Playgrounds are also extremely clean here, I have been so impressed about it. It is enjoyable to let your child run around and play when you don’t have to worry about trash and dirt.


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