Container is here!

We finally got our container delivered to our house. Nothing was broken which was amazing. We started the unpacking process, things are looking good. Lounge looks already like home. Here a picture.

image (34)Sorry about this mega silence we just haven’t had any internet until this week. I will definitely write regularly now when the internet has been switched on.

Last weekend we had a lovely outdoorsy weekend. I did 9km run on Sunday jogging around the botanical gardens, felt amazing. I am so glad being back in my running life style. We took our daughter to the park and she enjoyed it. Here some pictures of the playgrounds in this part of the world.

image (35)

image (32)

Weather has been great, not too hot but pleasantly warm. Air is so fresh here that I cannot yet believe it after London. Running is so easy, my lungs fill up with the fresh air that makes jogging so effortless. This weekend we will just enjoy our home. You have no idea how happy I am to have our own bed again after sleeping on an air mattress for a way too long. I have so many stories and cannot wait to share them with you! Now I will start watching ”Hiding” which is a great Australian crime series and then wrap around the blanket and actually sleep in my own bed. Small things but I do appreciate my own bed now more than ever!


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