Hornets and Melbourne Grand Prix 2015

Good Afternoon/Morning!

One thing I have to tell you about is Melbourne Grand Prix. This year we did not go to the actual Grand Prix as we thought our daughter was a bit too young to understand it all, but next year we will definitely go. We live right next to Albert Park and we were able to hear cars driving and how awesome was that! I wanted to go and wave Finnish flag and cheer Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas but maybe next year. We went to see hornets and air show instead 🙂

South Melbourne is beautiful, gorgeous city views, peaceful and amazing coffee shops nearby.


It has been clear blue skies now almost 2 months every day! Feels strange after 5 years of cloudy skies in London!


It is so green and colourful!

We climbed to the town hall hill to see the air show. Australian airforce put on a hornet show. It was amazing. I am very fascinated by Hornets as my uncle used to work as the head airforce engineer for Finnish airforce and actually went to the US to organise the Hornet deal for Finland! It is pretty impressive that Finland, the country of a bit over 5 million people, have 62 American built Hornets -watch out Russians we have our things sorted :)! Anyway I was so excited to see the hornets. The noise is so loud and they do the most amazing tricks and can fly in the crazy tilts. I just admire the pilots how they can deal with all that.


After the hornet show, Qantas was supposed to fly the new Airbus 380 low above Melbourne but for some reason they sent Boeing 747, which was a small disappointment but still pretty cool to see a huge plane so low.


I had my Australian moment right then. Seeing Qantas plane flying through the clear blue sky when it was hot and beautiful and the Aussie flags were up. Pretty cool.

Our daughter had great time. She loves airplanes just like her dad..in fact it was my husband who was telling me before I hardly saw the Qantas plane that it was not Airbus but Boeing..I have learned it now..Airbus has only two engines haha..so I can spot it too..finally.

It was a fantastic day!



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