Radio silence, Malaysian food and Melbourne Nights


It has been a while since I last wrote a post. I have been meaning to but I have had no spare time. I started a new job in a relatively big consulting house, the project is huge, awesome, but keeps me so busy. I always promise to myself not to turn to a workaholic person but I am such a perfectionist that it is sometimes a bit challenging. It has been 11h-13h days every now and then which I am not proud of. I love my job and I work with many skillful people with a great team spirit which makes it good despite long hours. Anyway enough of work.

Melbourne is still great, getting cold though. Winter is here, sun goes down around 6pm and it is pretty chilly in Aussie standards (12 degrees on some days). It is nice, I like seasons and wearing Autumn clothes. Time runs so quickly. Weeks are pretty full on. Our usual day is to wake up around 6.45, eat breakfast/feed our daughter, walk to work (30min) and drop our daughter to daycare around 8.15am, I work usually later and my husband picks up our daughter around 5.30pm. Then home, feeding our daughter dinner at 6pm, then bathing her 7-7.30pm, feeding her supper 8pm and putting her to sleep around 8.30pm. After that we have finally a chance to breath, relax, sometimes I still work for 1-2h, we have our dinner, usually watch one episode of ”Orange is the New Black” (I usually fall asleep in the middle of the episode) and the same again on the following day. I think this is a pretty typical day for toddler parents who work. I just chose to go back to work as I love my job and what I do and I feel I would not be myself if I did not have my own career going. I don’t want to be a a wife and mother (not that there is anything wrong with that), I also want to be able to show an example to my daughter that being a working mother is possible. It is hard sometimes, particularly now when there is a busy project on at work.

I got totally side tracked with this post…The reason for this post was actually to recommend an amazing Malaysian restaurant. It is in the are of Melbourne you probably would never go otherwise as the restaurant is in Flemington. I am not particularly fond of the area but we ended up there as our friends bought a house there. We went there for a day trip and ended up eating the most amazing and authentic Malaysian food in the restaurant called Chef Lagenda. The food was just so amazing that I cannot find words.

I ate Vegeterian Laksa.


The roasted eggplant on top was so tasty! I made this same dish at home this week..was almost as good but not quite. Will share you a recipe soon!

My husband had a delicious seafood fried noodle dish!


Anyway I recommend this place, it was just so authentic!

I have also been going out a bit in Melbourne. Has been nice to check out the nightlife. I like it. I went to one of the most prestigious cocktail bars in town (actually owned by my husband’s buddy). The place is called Eau de Vie. The place is like a time travel to 1930s. It has a bit of an ”underbelly” feel (if you know the Aussie series). The music they play is old and the whole look and feel is super cool, waiters with their moustaches and the bar is like a drink laboratory where bartenders make the most amazing cocktails, steam and flames, a smell of burning sugar and absinthe. My night there ended up being super long..I think I got home around 2am which is late for me these days! I recommend this place for anyone in Melbourne!

One thing I noticed I don’t go out much it was super painful to take out my nice new high heels…my ankles where dying and I had to swap to ballerinas in the end of the night…but was fun!


I hope you all have a great weekend!

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