Rabbit Fur for Winter


I am at home suffering from bronchitis together with my daughter. I am very seldom sick, I remember at my London times I had cold probably once a year and now I have been sick pretty much on off for 9 weeks. I am tempted to say this is due to crazily busy work schedule rather than a new country and new germs. I am working almost every evening and pretty much every weekend. It is nothing else than insanity. I hope it gets slightly easier. I do not usually react with my body so much but now I think this is a clear reaction to massive stress and 24/7 working. Now end in sight form project perspective as it is scheduled to finish next year March. In addition to working so much I also feel quite guilty of not spending quality time with my daughter. She is in such a cute age at the moment. If there is no change in sight I will make a change, I am not that type of person who would ”keep lying in the fire” as we Finns say.

I have been enjoying shopping though. I have been searching for a rabbit fur vest for a long time -grey or white- and I finally found one. I bought it from an Australian designer called Jane Ramsay. She does amazing clothes and the store is near our house. I walked there the other weekend just to look for something else, my plan was to hunt the rabbit fur later that weekend but like destiny, there it was the most perfect black rabbit fur vest in the hanger waiting for me..plus reduced to half price..which made it not only affordable but also an amazing find! In addition to the vest I found a fabulous necklace too. It is one of those you can tie in a different way and wear with different styles.


It looks warm with the palm trees but it is not. It was probably less than 15 degrees and super windy like Melbourne usually.


You see the beautiful Jane Ramsay necklace in this photo.


I absolutely love this fur! I wear it at home too, so cosy!

I think I have finally found my style..it has only taken for 15 years or so.. I am becoming more and more boring and pretty much wearing only white, black, grey, navy blue, beige or light rosy pink. Pretty much the opposite to what I was before when I wore the most striking colours..Reason for this is that I quite want to find the clothes that I can wear both at work and free time and clothes that are high quality and good natural fibre and material.

I hope you have a great week!


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