Dirty Delicious Chinese

Both my husband and I decided to change jobs, we also organised to have some holiday together at the same time, take our daughter to daycare and just enjoy some couple’s time which we never ever have. We have always lived far away from our parents so we have never had any help with our daughter. We could not pass this kind of opportunity to just spend time together and enjoy Melbourne. We went for shopping first as it is the end of financial year sales here. We found so many amazing clothes. It is so much fun to shop in Australia as there are many brands that are not that known in Europe but still super cool and good quality. My favourites are Sportscraft (over 100 year old Australian brand ) and Marcs (Australian as well but super amazing modern casual clothing and silk shirts! I have bought so many of their silk shirts lately). Those are pretty much the ones I visit if I want to find something nice. I also like Tommy Hilfiger for both men and women. Their jeans are the best I reckon.

After a big shop we went for the Chinese feed in China town.


I have been eyeing on this one place on Little Burke street for a long time and I am so happy we managed to get there -the line up was huge. The place is called Shanghai Street (46 Little Bourke St). The same place has a smaller quick eat in place in the bottom of Little Burke Street when you turn on Little Burke from Elisabeth street. The place was so packed and the dishes were amazing!

We ordered…a way too much..

Chilli peanut wontons -we thought we would load ourselves with peanut as our daughter was not with us. We cannot really go to Asian places or eat nuts around her due to her severe allergies..so now was our chance.


We also went for pork buns…which were the best I have ever eaten..


We ordered two noodle dishes the classic Shanghai noodles that again was one of the best Shanghai noodles I have ever had…


After these we had to surrender and take the last dish home with us..we felt bad to return it to the kitchen without even touching it..so we have dinner now!


All these were home made noodles..now I understand why this place is alway full of Chinese and it always has huge line ups in front..It is so worth it!

So I recommend this place for anyone who wants to eat super good Chinese in Melbourne! Yum!

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