Melbourne Zoo and Italian Heaven on Lygon Street

A couple of weekends ago we went to Melbourne Zoo as our daughter loves animals.


It was a beautiful day in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere winter.


Lygon Street is famous for its fabulous Italian food. As it was not too far away we walked from the zoo to find some tasty Italian lunch. We ended up in the place called Tiamo. It was super popular and we luckily managed to get a table. Later when we told about it to our friends we heard it is an institution on Lygon Street and no wonder as the food was amazing!


I ordered calamari salad and it was superb! Such fresh and pure flavours.


My husband loves all kind of seafood pasta so he chose to go for one of their special seafood dishes. Food was just fantastic. I can recommend this place to anyone looking for a good Italian in Melbourne!


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