Weekend surprise

I had a wonderful weekend not only because the weather was hot and sunny but something quite surprising and lovely happened to me.

On Sunday morning my husband suddenly disappeared from the bedroom, we had just woken up but I was lying under the blanket tired as it was only 7am. As usual our daughter was snoring in between us. She loves weekends and quite often knocks the bedroom door between 6-7am and wants to come to give us a cuddle, sometimes she falls asleep for an extra hour or two (lucky me!).

My husband walked quietly back to the bedroom and gave me a small ring box..Wow..crazy I thought…we are already married…he gave me the most romantic speech(more romantic than when he proposed to me!!!). I was so confused. I opened a box and saw this beautiful eternity ring style diamond ring. I was speechless and about to burst into tears..The ring was gorgeous although too big.. so we needed to go back to the centre to swap it. My husband insisted that I should get it done before the holidays next week so that I could wear it at Christmas, in the end it was my Christmas present…so we walked to the centre. It was almost 30 degrees and sunny. The pics below were taken on that day.

IMG_20151206_100556Maxi silk dress: Trenery
Bag: Marc de Marc Jacobs
Shirt: Old, somewhere from Copenhagen.


IMG_20151206_100604Dress: Marimekko, Finland.

IMG_20151206_114948I loved this vegan sushi! In Emporium mall Sushi Hon.


Ring: From Keshett Jewellers

Keshett jewellers is amazing. It is located in Little Collins Street in Melbourne CBD. I really would like to recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a nice piece of jewellery. They have an unbelievable collection of unique looking rings. Lots of art deco style that I personally am very fond of. My engagement ring is a bit tricky as it is custom made and art deco style so hard to find anything that goes with it. This place had plenty of options. Service was excellent too.

Anyway I am still very touched of this gesture. It has been 3.5 years since we got married and it is nice to feel that love grows and we made it through the tough baby years happily.



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