Christmas Party, Party Party..

I am just packing for our European Christmas holiday.  I have had a wonderful couple of weeks. I am really getting my Christmas feeling finally. Have been busy at work but yay finally 2.5 weeks of holidays ahead and family time with our little family.


Our work Christmas party was amazing, everyone was on their top cocktail or evening dresses. We had a three course fine dining dinner and three live bands playing at Crown Casino Palladium which is their biggest and most prestigious venue.


Whilst I was walking the red carpet up to the first floor and saw the ballroom I was so able to imagine all the footy stars and their wives when they have their yearly event at Crown. Evening was fantastic. I have not been dancing this much in one night for a long time. My feet were aching by the end of the night.


I wore my black ball gown as I was excited to have an excuse to wear it.


My next post is coming from Switzerland I think. I have so many photos to post and recipes too but due to my slow posting pace I am not sure when I can actually catch up!


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