Loving Switzerland

Needless to say we enjoy Switzerland. It is one of those countries that I would love to live one day. The standard of living is so high and all the food you buy is just so fresh and good quality. I also love outdoorsy life style and exercising so this country offers it all, summer hikes and winter skiing.

We are staying in a lovely apartment in Lucerne old town. The views from our window are fantastic.

Early in the morning.

IMG_20151216_133843In the evening.

We also went to fantastic restaurant called Nix’s in Lucerne centre on the river side. The food is super authentic Swiss food and it was delightful. I warmly recommend it to everyone.
I had a vegetarian lasagne. So tasty. Vegan diet does not really work in Switzerland as their nutrition consists mainly of meat and cheese 🙂 Meat I cannot really get down but cheese I do like.

IMG_20151216_124400My husband ordered this mega meat feast. Was apparently amazing!

We went to tobogganing to Engelberg where they already have some snow. It is very early season so you need to go higher up to see some snow, and up to 1800 metres to ski.
My Halti jacket (Finnish brand) is fantastic in these conditions. If someone is in need of the best ski gear ever Halti ones are amazing!


IMG_2307Of course my daughter wanted to copy me and pull the sleigh.
Amazing landscape! Crispy air is so good for the lungs. My daughter who has asthma and coughs continuously in Melbourne has not coughed for days here in Lucerne. I think this is the sign that Switzerland is the place to be for healthy life 🙂


Love the mountain views!

Today we have another exciting day to look forward to and our good buddies from London are coming to stay with us, cannot wait!


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