Spring time heels 2014-Kevään korot 2014

I know this would happen to me. Now when I am back to work I just cannot resist some shopping. I am not buying the things I need but the things I want! My latest purchase has been two pairs of high heels. I too often wear only black heels with some colourful clothes which lately has started to feel a bit too boring. To change this I bought cute blue high heels that would go perfectly with beige or pink and beige high heels that would go nicely with white, blue and pretty much any clothes. Beige heels will bring brightness to the look and they are the must have this spring, where ever you wonder you will see them in every store! Pastel colours and beige heels are this spring fashion.

I bought my heels from Clarks. I know some people think it is a boring store but I walk a lot and I want to be able to walk all day in my heels if needed and Clarks shoes can make it happen. I have never gotten blisters or sore feet from their shoes. Clarks used to be a lot more boring brand but within the past couple of years they have really put a lot of effort in their design and I think they have super stylish shoes these days!



Heels: Clarks

The shoes below are the ones that I am craving for this summer..What do you think, pretty nice. I am so in love with the strong neon yellow at the moment, I would love to have a bag with black, white and neon yellow colours too!
clarks yellow

This weekend I will post you a recipe I promise.  I have been so busy and no time for baking or cooking (only shopping !). I am planning to bake a chocolate caramel popcorn cake for Sunday when our friends are coming to play some tennis and to have some BBQ . If (and hopefully when) the cake is a success I will share the recipe with you  so… watch this place!

Last weekend outfit: Golden and black

This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment. Nothing glam, nothing too tricky but quite classic and suits for any occasion.
Like I said in my previous posts I am becoming older as I do not feel like dressing myself in skinny tops but I rather have a bit looser shirt with high heels and skinny trousers. Parisian street style.



Shirt: Sting
Trousers: River Island
Heels: Nine West

New bag and purse: DKNY

A week ago I ended up buying this gorgeous bag! Last weekend -a week later- I had to walk back to the store and buy a matching purse. I think this is very simple bag and goes with pretty much anything. It is  a perfect size as it is  between a handbag and a tote. There is also another consideration that I never had to think about until I had a child -I need to be able to hang the bag on the pram -extremely important when traveling!

IMG_20140309_095353The leather is soft and smooth.

IMG_20140309_095404Handbag: DKNY


IMG_20140316_110608Purse: DKNY

Vallila Canvas -Vallila taulut

I wanted to share with all of you these amazing Vallila canvases I got made for our living room and for the bedroom. I have mentioned before how I want to have lots of Finnish design in our house. it is like a piece of home for me here. I prefer Vallila, Marimekko and Pentik. The fabric for these canvases is from Vallila Summer 2013 collection new yellow Berlin fabric. I have pink Berlin curtains in our guest bedroom and thought it would be a great match to have the fabric in this stylish yellow colour as I do love the print.

This was in fact our wedding present that we finally used. We got a gift voucher for a lovely painting and frame shop in Helsinki. The shop also does canvases from fabric. It was a mission to get the canvases from Helsinki to London but we made it!


ImageI hope you all are having a lovely weekend. My sister is here so we are heading to a luxury pedicure and manicure at Loreta Jag in Knightbridge now!

Some shocking news about my baby’s allergies -Shokeeraavia uutisia vauvani allergioista

Our family life was turned upside down this week. We finally got to see the allergy specialist after a long wait for 6 months. When the appointment started the lady did not take me seriously at all but thought I was just a hysterically worried new mother with no perspective. I had faced this so many times with the doctors here in England so I stayed calm although cried a bit. The doctor was like usually belittling everything I was concerned about and basically questioned my weaning as I seemed to limit my baby’s diet without 100% evidence. She did not believe the allergy blood test results really mattered after all.

Due to my small cry to remove my on-going worry she offered to do the skin prick tests. She tested all the most important nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, cashews and peanuts), dairy, eggs, soy, sesame and wheat. We waited for 15 minutes, I dressed our daughter so that she would not scratch herself as her skin got irritated straight away. When we finally removed the clothing her whole wrist was swollen (the hand where the test was made), so was the back. The doctor’s face was shocked. Quite often skin prick reaction is a small hive like bump and it is measured in millimetres. My daughter’s dairy test showed 3 cm swollen bump around her wrist, egg reaction was big too and cashew bump was huge and red, other nuts caused large reactions around the prick as well. This all happened only after a small drop of each test liquid and a little crack of the skin. Doctor’s tone changed drastically, she prescribed immediately an Epipen (adrenaline pen) to carry with us at all times in case our daughter gets life threatening anaphylaxis. She also told us to remove eggs, dairy and nuts from our house as apparently our daughter with these kind of test results could react to only smells. We are not allowed to give her any products that may contain traces of milk, eggs or nuts. This is tough and means lots of special products.  Here in England almost every product contains traces of milk or nuts. I have been struggling to find even oats that would not be packed in a nut factory! Doctor told us she will be seeing us regularly from now on to follow the situation. We were told to come to the hospital for food challenges and not to try anything risky and new food at home. So we will have a soy and wheat challenge soon and after that a salmon and cod challenge. Challenges will start with extremely small quantities and special nurses will monitor her all that time.

After all this I am glad I trusted my mother instinct. Since my daughter’s excema flamed 9 months ago I had the feeling things were not right. This feeling was following me throughout the breastfeeding time as she reacted to everything I ate,  same happened with weaning. Every doctor I saw during the past one year belittled the allergy problem, treated me as a hysterical woman and told me to feed my daughter everything, all the food including dairy and eggs. Luckily I did not believe in any of them and trusted my own inner instinct. During the past year I read so much research about food allergies, literally everything I could get to my hands. After the test it was clear that if I had given dairy, eggs or nuts to her we would have been playing with her life and in an urgent need of First Aid from ambulance (which in London does not always come quickly enough.)

Phew. What a long journey. Nine months of uncertainty, desperate searching and begging for help from different doctors and the sad fact that if I had not paid for the allergy blood tests in Finnish private hospital last summer we would not even be here as no-one believed me, hardly with the blood test results in my hand. Luckily everything is clearer now and we can breath and relax. It is very reassuring for me to have an Epipen at home as I know that I can help my daughter if she accidentally eats something inappropriate and I can win more time before the help arrives.

My mum who is a doctor said that during their pediatric lectures their professor was telling all the students to listen to mothers and trust mothers’ instinct even more than doctors should trust their own medical knowledge. I think that is so true. There must be something bigger than life in a relationship between a child and a mother. Mothers not only sense but they also feel and know if something is wrong. For me the biggest challenge was that when everyone belittled my instinct I started to doubt myself and thought the fear has taken over my instinct and ability to read my own feelings. It did not.

We will have a big challenge in future regarding schools and nurseries. In Finland where the allergy management is amazing and schools have cantines and children do not bring their own lunches in, the risk of your child eating something bad is very little. Here the things are very differently. Children not only bring their own food with them but people seem not to be very aware of allergies. I went to the nursery before Christmas to enquire a place for my daughter. I explained her allergies and highlighted the dairy allergy and the next question was could they give yogurt for her!!!!I was very disappointed.  I know I will need to accept the worry that our daughter eats her friend’s chocolate bar or just ends up accidentally putting something inappropriate to her mouth will shadow our days.  Still after all this nothing made me happier than to know for sure and to know how serious her allergies were and how cautious we should be in future. It removed the 9 months of uncertainty and fear. I think my baby girl has sensed my relief as she has been sleeping so well for the past two nights and has been smiling and enjoying her days in a way I have not seen for a long time.

She is such a sweetheart.

Displaying IMG_20140226_115741.jpg
My brave little girl at the hospital.

Honey glazed goat cheese bruchettas-Hunajamarinoidut vuohenjuustoleivät

ImageThis recipe is inspired by the goat cheese bruchettas I had in a place called POLPO in Soho, London. Polpo is wonderful. I have not eaten a piece of food there that would not have been mind blowing and delicious. The flavours are unusual but so well put together that I do admire the chef in this restaurant.

I had my mummy night out with one of my dear friends. As expected when mummies go out without the babies they get excited. We started the night in Foxcroft&Ginger that I have mentioned you before. A small note though. The place is an amazing for brunch and coffee but it was not as good as a wine bar in the evening as I expected..but well at least we tried!. We did not care about it as we had so much to chat! Suddenly the time ran and we noticed it was 9pm and we hadn’t had any dinner. My friend drop the word Polpo and I was sold. I had been there with my husband at the autumn time. Wine selection there is fantastic and well the food..you just have to try, the words are not enough.

We ordered a tapas plate plus goat cheese bruchettas. We both decided we need to try to make them at home. Here you are, I tried them yesterday and the attempt was successful!

rocket salad

small block of soft French goat cheese (100-150g)

red grapes (two big handfuls)

1 1/2 tbsp Acasia honey

1-2 tsp chopped fresh rosemary

black pepper

1/2 tsp salt

8 slices of bread ( I used a bit darker seedy one but it is a free expression)

olive oil


handful of pine nuts

1. Heat up the oven to 200 celsius degrees. First step is roasting the red grapes. Wash the grapes and mix them with 1 1/2 tbsp honey, 1-2 tsp rosemary, hint of black pepper and 1/2 tsp salt.  Roast them for 10-15 minutes until you see that the honey has started to caramelise and the grapes are a bit wrinkly. Let them cool before serving.

2. Pour 1 tsp olive oil and a drop of honey on each slice of the bread. Grill the bread ( I used grill 3 for 5 minutes). You can use either the grill or oven. Bread should be hard and honey a bit caramelised. Let the bread cool before serving.

3. Roast the pine nuts on a frying pan until they are golden.

4. Build the bruchettas: put rocket salad on the plate, set the bread slices on top, spread the goat cheese on each bread slice, then pour some caramelised grapes on top and finish with topping the bread with pine nuts.

5. Serve with red wine.

Honestly as unusual and exotic this sounds the combination is mind blowing…and what is the best these bruchettas actually come pretty quickly! Enjoy! ( I will soon add the Finnish version of the recipe.)

Weekend outfit with blue and beige -Viikonlopun asu sähkönsininstä ja beigeä

The weekend weather in London was wonderful so sunny and bright that you can definitely tell Spring time is approaching. Every year I just get surprised how winter comes and goes and you hardly notice it over here. As a Finn I still cannot get my head around the fact that here in London I do not have to get prepared mentally for the dark days without sunlight every year. So funny, my inner Polar bear mind still thinks the winter will be spent in a drowsy sleep waiting for the first sparks of sunlight! Anyway, as the weekend was so Spring like -even though being chilly- I wanted  to wear something bright. This was my outfit. I absolutely love the scarf in the picture. I got it from my mother-in-law and have been wearing it a lot with different outfits.

ImageImageImageShirt: Promod, Heels: Dorothy Perkins, Trousers: River Island, Scarf: a gift from my mother-in-law.

I hope you have a nice start for the week!

White, camel and navy – Valkoista, kamelia ja sinistä

I love white trousers. I think they spice up the look with blonde hair without many accessories. In London they are however very tricky. It rains a lot all year long so by wearing white you always take a risk of getting rained (and mud) on!

Here is an outfit that I really like, very casual, smart but brightens up the day with white, camel and navy combination. The white bird necklace is my absolute favourite. I bought it in a small design store in Shoreditch.

When I was younger I remember trying to wear as skinny clothes as possible to show my figure. Now it makes me laugh a lot -how silly- as I do prefer a bit more wider cuts these days that do not reveal my body line inch by inch. I still love skinny trousers but with them I think looser shirts look a lot better than too giving ones. This shirt is one of my new favourite and was also a find in sales. It is from the store called Sting.

I have recommended Sting store you before and I do think it is a great one. It has a lot of American street style but also very feminine clothes with unique cuts and unusual features on them. Check it out if you can they have a store at least in London and in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands.

Here is the look that makes me on Spring time mood!IMG_20140106_141303


IMG_20140106_132613I love the cut of this shirt and the bird necklace compliments the décolleté!

IMG_20140106_141354These camel coloured heels are comfortable but fresh combination with white.


Have a great day! It has been a sunny and Spring like morning here!

Cardigan, cardigan..-Neuletakki, neuletakki

I promised to post some outfit photos as I got very excited about my shopping from Boxing Day sales. It has been exceptionally warm here in England this winter and quite sunny too. After visiting Finland over the Christmas period at the darkest time of the year -this year without snow even- I realised how much lighter it is here and how much less clothes you can actually wear when going outside. When trying this cloth combination on I suddenly noticed I have not even worn these lovely classic black boots all winter as it has been too warm for boots. Sad as I do love these boots!

The older I get the more important the quality of clothes gets. This applies particularly to cardigans and jumpers. I cannot wear bad quality knits anymore, they tickle me, don’t breath or end up being full of knots after one wash. The feel of the knit against the skin is so important. I was very happy to find this cardigan. It has nice small feature laces in front and on the sleeves, the colour is soft beige and the material pleases the skin. I got a bit shocked though when I read from the label that it has rabbit hair in it -yikes- but so be it. Feels soft and lovely anyway!



IMG_20140106_141041I will try to take some outfit photos outside as soon as possible. London weather is just very unpredictable. Just when you get your clothes on and are about to run outside to take a photo it may rain and then be sunny in half an hour time! So unfortunately this time just boring mirror pictures.

PS. You can also see my new phone in the photos. I made a leap to the dark side. I gave up using Apple. I tried Nokia Windows phone in the meantime and was not happy at all so here it is the new Google Nexus 5…and it is awesome! I know it is mainly for geeky boys but hey I can be pretty geeky at times. This phone functions so smoothly, it is actually programmed amazingly well and allows all kind of customisation which I like. The camera is fantastic, you can watch HD movies on it, large variety of apps available with all the newest functionality, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram apps just great and what I like the most it is purely Google based -maps, mail, notes everything so no more hassle to synchronise mail, notes, pics, music etc. All backed up to Google drive. Sorry about the selling speech but this phone is just fantastic! So if you are looking for a new phone have a look at this one, I recommend.