Hermes bracelet -Hermes rannekoru

I am so happy I have finally time to update my blog. I used to write every day but whilst working I just simply could not find time and energy to post something exiting every day. Now I try to post as often as I can, I have so many topics and photos to post.

I had a birthday in July. As a background information, my husband is probably the best present buyer in the universe which makes it so utterly difficult for me when his birthday approaches which is soon. My husband always comes up with something stunning and suprising at the same time.  This time I got a fabulous Hermes bracelet. My husband knows my style so well. I instantly fell in love with it and have worn it ever since, pretty much every day.

The story behind this purchase is a bit funny. Like I have mentioned in my previous posts I used to work in the City of London. In the middle of the City there is so called Royal Exchange full of the most amazing designer stores. It is too good to be true. On lunch breaks it is tempting to just go there and admire the pieces.  My husband who also works in the City told me he went there and wondered around trying to find something unique. He apparently went through all the bracelets in the Hermes store and could not find the one that was pleasing him. Finally the sales assistant said she had one piece left in the back room that was not on display. She brought this bracelet to the front store and showed it to my husband. He bought it straight away. This is it.


Those small details and white background are just gorgeous! I like the feminine Roman style plus it looks so clean and bright against the tanned skin.


This barcelet  is a lot wider than the classic Hermes barcelet and makes any wrist look narrow. I have not seen this available any more which makes it more unique.


It is so classic, stylish and goes well with anything at work or in the party. I love it.

I had a wonderful birthday in every way. My mum and sister were visiting us in London so we had babysitters and were able to celebrate my birthday as a couple. We went to Wimbledon to watch tennis. My husband wanted to give the gift in the morning so that I could wear this beautiful bracelet in the tennis with my Marimekko ”Kivi” dress”.  ”Kivi” dress in the photo below is from Banana Republic Marimekko collection that was lauched last summer. I was so pleased that Banana Republic sold iconic Marimekko designs with more reasonable prices.  I personally think Marimekko struggles these days with their 60s cuts and dresses, trousers and jackets usually fit rather badly. This collection was totally the opposite, the clothes had modern today’s cuts.  I have been extremely happy with the quality of fabric too. The sizes were rather big as I bought size 6 even though I am usually 8.


In front of the Grand stand at Wimbledon.


A Champagne picnic. Cheers.

I hope you are having a lazy and enjoyable Sunday!

Banana Republic Marimekko Collection and Yellow Jacket

So long, so sorry.  I really struggle to find time for my blog at the moment. Work is hectic and my baby at the stage of walking and running everywhere which keeps me busy! I had to post this one outfit though. Banana Republic launched a collection with Marimekko -Finnish iconic brand- and as soon as I saw couple of items I had to get them. Almost everything was sold out online but I ran to the store on Regent Street and manage to get what I wanted! One of the purchases was these lovely trousers Marimekko ”Kivi” print.  In addition to Marimekko I have been looking at this yellow jacket in Zara for almost a month now and today I decided I need it, well I didn’t really needed but I wanted it 🙂

We had a wonderful family day in Notting Hill today. Our baby is so sweet and lovely these days and I can warm heartedly say I enjoy every moment of motherhood at the moment. I guess that is why I struggle to find time for my blog as I feel like spending every moment with my little sweetheart. I promise I try to soon get back here with some good recipes. Here some pics of my outfit today.



How beautiful is High Street Kensington and Notting Hill area! One of my favourite parts of London. We found a fantastic pub in Kensington area by the way. It is called Windsor Castle -I recommend it  to everyone. Really high quality food, amazing beer garden and impressive wine selection.



Have a relaxing weekend!

Pastel pink -Pinkkiä pastellia

I have started to like pastel colours again. Last spring and summer it was all about strong colours but this season is dedicated to soft and light colours. I was looking for a statement shirt but couldn’t find the one that pleases me but this lovely pinkish beige shirt with blue prints captured my eye. I was wearing this outfit when I hit the town with my sister last weekend 🙂 Have to say I really like this simple combination.





Jacket: H&M (old!)
Shirt: Oasis
Trousers: River Island
Heels: Clarks

I baked the cake and soon decorating it with caramel chocolate popcorns and will publish the recipe as my next post!

I hope you are all having a great weekend. We are having a BBQ with our friends today!! It is supposed to be 20 centigrade and sunny! It is mother’s day today here in England although I don’t know how to celebrate it as it is not a mother’s day in Finland. I think as a Finnish mother I need to celebrate mother’s day on Finnish date 🙂 I have a cake, champagne and BBQ but that is all 🙂

Spring time heels 2014-Kevään korot 2014

I know this would happen to me. Now when I am back to work I just cannot resist some shopping. I am not buying the things I need but the things I want! My latest purchase has been two pairs of high heels. I too often wear only black heels with some colourful clothes which lately has started to feel a bit too boring. To change this I bought cute blue high heels that would go perfectly with beige or pink and beige high heels that would go nicely with white, blue and pretty much any clothes. Beige heels will bring brightness to the look and they are the must have this spring, where ever you wonder you will see them in every store! Pastel colours and beige heels are this spring fashion.

I bought my heels from Clarks. I know some people think it is a boring store but I walk a lot and I want to be able to walk all day in my heels if needed and Clarks shoes can make it happen. I have never gotten blisters or sore feet from their shoes. Clarks used to be a lot more boring brand but within the past couple of years they have really put a lot of effort in their design and I think they have super stylish shoes these days!



Heels: Clarks

The shoes below are the ones that I am craving for this summer..What do you think, pretty nice. I am so in love with the strong neon yellow at the moment, I would love to have a bag with black, white and neon yellow colours too!
clarks yellow

This weekend I will post you a recipe I promise.  I have been so busy and no time for baking or cooking (only shopping !). I am planning to bake a chocolate caramel popcorn cake for Sunday when our friends are coming to play some tennis and to have some BBQ . If (and hopefully when) the cake is a success I will share the recipe with you  so… watch this place!

Last weekend outfit: Golden and black

This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment. Nothing glam, nothing too tricky but quite classic and suits for any occasion.
Like I said in my previous posts I am becoming older as I do not feel like dressing myself in skinny tops but I rather have a bit looser shirt with high heels and skinny trousers. Parisian street style.



Shirt: Sting
Trousers: River Island
Heels: Nine West

New bag and purse: DKNY

A week ago I ended up buying this gorgeous bag! Last weekend -a week later- I had to walk back to the store and buy a matching purse. I think this is very simple bag and goes with pretty much anything. It is  a perfect size as it is  between a handbag and a tote. There is also another consideration that I never had to think about until I had a child -I need to be able to hang the bag on the pram -extremely important when traveling!

IMG_20140309_095353The leather is soft and smooth.

IMG_20140309_095404Handbag: DKNY


IMG_20140316_110608Purse: DKNY

Outfit of the day: Smoky blue and white – Päivän asu: savunsinistä ja valkoista

My huge sorry again -blog silence lasted over a week again. I was meaning write a new post but once my baby girl became well after her ear infection I got some weird fever disease that forced me to bed and then I got some tummy bug. I think after my mummy year my immune system has dropped and I am like a walking virus magnet. I seem to get every bug that flies in the air.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my new favourite dress. I bought it from the store called Warehouse. I love it and I would wear it every day if I only could.

I am particularly fond with the smoky blue colour and the white figure that runs down the dress. First time I wore it I instantly got comments and the lady who complimented my dress said she would run straight away to buy one for herself.
Have a great start of the week!

Weekend outfit with blue and beige -Viikonlopun asu sähkönsininstä ja beigeä

The weekend weather in London was wonderful so sunny and bright that you can definitely tell Spring time is approaching. Every year I just get surprised how winter comes and goes and you hardly notice it over here. As a Finn I still cannot get my head around the fact that here in London I do not have to get prepared mentally for the dark days without sunlight every year. So funny, my inner Polar bear mind still thinks the winter will be spent in a drowsy sleep waiting for the first sparks of sunlight! Anyway, as the weekend was so Spring like -even though being chilly- I wanted  to wear something bright. This was my outfit. I absolutely love the scarf in the picture. I got it from my mother-in-law and have been wearing it a lot with different outfits.

ImageImageImageShirt: Promod, Heels: Dorothy Perkins, Trousers: River Island, Scarf: a gift from my mother-in-law.

I hope you have a nice start for the week!