Walkabout Creek wildlife, QLD

We had a lovely day yesterday. We went to Walkabout Creek to see more Australian wildlife. I was so excited to trial my new camera with the professional lense I got as a Christmas present from my dear husband. I cannot remember if I told about it but I got CANON EOS 100D with two lenses. One Canon lense and one professional one. I also got a super stylish white professional camera back bag to carry my camera, lenses and macbook in. It has been super useful here! The professional lense is TAMRON AF 55-200mm 1:4-5.6 MACRO. I am super happy with it. Perfect for wildlife photographs and zooming as you can see below!


Owls in love.

IMG_0498This animal above I have never seen before, it is called a quoll, a carnivorous marsupial.


Some red wallabies too..and more kangaroos..sun baking..what a life!






It was so beautiful to walk around. Our daughter loved every second of it.


I love Australian landscape, the contrast of green and the reddish ground is beautiful.


We drove up to Mount Glorious mountain to have some ice coffee and spot the beautiful scenery. There is a lovely coffee shop on the top of the mountain which is extremely idyllic. We have been there before but thought we want to take our dear daughter there too. We have this Ford Territory at the moment, could not get any more Australian! It goes super smoothly up the hill but eats petrol like a tank.


Ice coffee with ice cream in the bottom and whipped cream on top. Tasty!

Today we are planning to go to Brisbane West End. It was raining heavily in the morning but now the sun is out again and we can hit the town. Hope you have a nice start of the week!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The other day we went to see koalas and kangaroos in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was amazing, just perfect for small kids (and me!). Why I say it is good for smaller kids is that the area is relatively small so a toddler can walk around, you don’t even need a pram and you can still see all the animals. They had all the Australian wildlife, there were cassowaries, dingos, platypus, kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, snakes…

image (8)

 It was wonderful. You can also pat koalas and kangaroos which my little toddler loved!

image (13)

If you look at very carefully the kangaroo mummy on the right (in the picture above) you can see she has a huge baby kangaroo in the pouch..you can see the long legs and the tail sticking out from the pouch…what a lazy baby still in the pouch..

I am a bit funny. I have this crazy adoration of kangaroos, I absolutely love them.

image (10)

Everyone was taking kangaroo selfies…including me..my mum said we look the same..I did not take that as a compliment..haha.

Some people think kangaroos are just big rats but I have loved them ever since I have seen them in wild for the first time. Sometimes I am even considering to start wildlife caring and taking care of kangaroo babies who have lost their mummies. They are super cute. Well, one day..maybe..

Our daughter enjoyed Lone Pine so much. Feeding this little kangaroo baby was her favourite moment.

image (12)

Our daughter loves animals like I guess every toddler does and to be able to see tens of kangaroos around her on the grass was a unique experience.

image (11)

Today we will go to see more wildlife to a different sanctuary. Cannot wait!

PS. Sorry about the quality of photos here..one thing in OZ is that the internet is slow..super slow..it is an old fashioned ADSL in most of the places and I just cannot upload the amazing photos I have taken with my new digital SLR, it would take forever. I will upload better photos when we get hold on to the better internet connection…I have taken amazing shots and enjoyed using my new camera and the lenses.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

Christmas drinks, Aussie countdown and some thoughts…

I feel excited, happy, full of life..what else could I say. Removalist company will come in three days time and then it is just the countdown until we jet off.

Even though we have been doing lots of moving things for the past two months we try to make sure to have as enjoyable December time as possible. Yesterday we went to Richmond to visit our dear friends as they were hosting Christmas drinks. They bought a place there and fully renovated it and it is stunning. Their home will most likely appear in Good Homes magazines soon. The house is gorgeous.


Their beautiful Christmas tree and some Christmas punch from huge Martini glass…

Christmas puncg

I guess our friends have very similar taste to mine and that is why I like their decor so much, similar colours and similar features that I adore. The house is three stories with the brand new loft conversion, they have under floor heating and the Sonos music system running throughout the house -fantastic! I love every room in the house. The house makes me feel like I am back in home, Finland, with the wooden floors, under floor heating and that modern stylish look. After we left my husband asked whether I considered coming back to London if we got place like that with underfloor heating and modern decor -I said yes! I guess I will never get used to cold English houses, squeeky old floor boards and that slightly negligent building style they have here in many places. I know it is part of English charm but still I think a Scandi will never really appreciate it. Well our friends’ place is the opposite, the house is just done to the finest detail! Wow. Beautiful.

cheese tableThey had made such a huge effort with drinks and snacks…I love the time zone clocks, useful when the husband is Australian like in this household..

time zone clocks

Some brownies..


I love this lamp or should I say chandelier!


I love the feature ladders with happy lights too, such a nice touch, exactly what I had on my Pinterest too when thinking of nice features to our new house.

ladder with happy lights

We had a great time and was nice to go to Richmond, it is definitely one of my favourite areas here in addition to Barnes, Chelsea, Hampton and Mayfair. Peaceful and beautiful.

I guess my mind is already in Australia though. There are ,however, couple of things I want to do. I want to take my daughter to Harrods Christmas Grotto and also I want to take her to some children theatre before we leave this city. I think she would enjoy those things.

I have focused on house hunting now and I think my favourite area in Melbourne is Brighton. I love inner city but I think now with the child I want to go to some beach side area that is close to the CBD but also super nice, safe and beautiful. I have been spotting houses, daycares and schools there and it looks fantastic! What I learned after living first in Marylebone and then in North London was that it was super cool for young couple to live in North but not for a small child, for the child Marylebone or place like Richmond or Barnes would have been better. If we were to come back it would be pretty much Barnes, Chelsea or Richmond that we would consider.

Brighton in Melbourne seems to be like Richmond here. Brighton is a super nice area, beautiful houses, beach in walking distance and only 20minutes to the centre on train. I have already been admiring the high street and it looks lovely, so pretty. I also saw the area on Location, Location Australia and that is why I actually started to look for houses there. I think for my husband who is from Queensland the important thing is to be near the beach and for me the area is everything, I just want to have the feel that it is perfectly safe, clean and family friendly but I also like that classy look and feel as I love shopping and fancy restaurants.

I cannot describe how excited I am. At the weekend when we got the tube that was again busy as always I felt I am done with London for a while. I miss the happy peaceful feel I have in Finland, that safe, quiet and relaxed lifestyle without peak hour traffic, I do miss it so much here and I hope we can get it in a nice area in Melbourne, in fact I know we will. I have been to Melbourne enough to know it is great. It was not chosen to one of the best places to live in the world for nothing. It has the most amazing coffee shop culture ( I am a coffee addict), it is super clean and also what I read today it has one of the best quality water in the world (plus one of the freshest and cleanest air in the world). I have been only drinking bottled water for four years in London and I cannot wait that I can actually enjoy tasty and clean water from the tap like we do in Finland. I know you may think I am a fancy pants but I have not been able to drink London water. I believe this is the same problem for most Nordics here as we are used to fresh spring water. London water is just so dirty, you notice it when you run it from the tap and you look at the water in the light, it has this weird oily layer on top and when you boil it the whole pan is full of calcium and stains. I am like a camel though, I do drink approximately 3 litres of water a day and I guess that is why my taste buds are developed to know the good water. Small things in life but you know a human being is pretty much water he drinks. Fresh and clean water is extremely important for well being.

Anyway, many thoughts today, I have a glass of Vermentino waiting for me now so will shut down the laptop and enjoy my new book Rosie Effect and just dream of our travels!

I hope you had a great weekend, I did.