Autumn Finland -Syksyinen Suomi

It is great to be back home. The travel went well. I booked a lunch time flight on Sturday which I know is the easiest in terms of Heathrow traffic and my baby girl’s mood. My daughter knows how to make most of the flying these days. I guess she has gotten quite a lot of practice. She just sleeps through the flights. As soon as the engines go on she is gone. It was so lovely she slept all 3h to Finland and I was able to listen to my favourite music, sip my coffee and enjoy chocolate all that time -luxurious! She was just toes up in the air!


I always forget how stunning Finland is at the Autumn time.  We call it ”ruska”. It is when everything turns to colourful and nature is filled with Autumn magic. Sun is shining and it has been so beautiful. Not even cold at all. We have still as much daylight here as in England so it is just perfect.


What colours!

I have been out and about exercing more than probably at the whole summer! In the morning, day time and afternoon. I am excited to think of being a  lot more fit after these three weeks.


I love Finnish wooden houses -they are gorgeous!

My daughter loves cycling. She is pointing her helmet all the time and wants to go out and ride the bike.  She has been sitting in her baby seat in the back of the bicycle and we have been out admiring trees that have turned to colourful like rainbows.   I have enjoed breathing this fresh, cool and crispy Nordic air. As a small detail  I love  water here too. It is unreal that the tap water is spring water so clean and tasty! It is also unbelievably peacful everywhere, it blows my mind. So quiet, no cars on the roads, I feel like the king of the road when driving here all by myself!


My baby girl felt like a big girl when taking the dogs out.

Stores and playgrounds are empty, no people really, and I have all this space just for me. It truly makes me feel calm and relaxed not to have people like ants around me. It is also nice to have this break straight after my resignation as I felt so emotional on my last day at work. I had to run to the elevator not to have tears running down my face. I will miss my colleagues like I told them and I know I will miss London too. This break here gives me a bit distance to those emotions which is good.


This is the beautiful wooden church where I got married. It is so amazing inside that it has been used in the film scenes too.

It is wonderful to see my family and all the friends. Most of them have babies now so we have lovely time catching up, kids can play and we can talk!


I hope you all are having a good start of the week! My next post is probably about always I went a bit crazy here when all the Finnish design is at my doorstep!