Berryfull breakfast mousse -Marjainen aamiaismousse


One of my favourite bloggers Deliciously Ella posted a while ago the recipe of a berry breakfast puree. I made a lot more simple version of it and I totally fell in love with it. It is super healthy but incredibly tasty. My baby was munching it with the smile on her face too.

One portion:

1/2 banana

1/2 avocado

Blueberries and/or raspberries depending on your taste. I used couple of tablespoons of blueberry puree as  it is hard to find fresh blueberries this time of the year.

Put the ingredients to the blender and mix well and you will have the silkiest mousse for breakfast. I eat it with fresh raspberries and raw oat porridge (oats soaked in rice milk and sweetened by Acasia honey).

Try and enjoy!

Fennel radish salad -Fenkoli-retiisi salaatti

ImageNanny hunt is still going and we have been extremely busy reading CVs and interviewing people. Today I ended up make fennel radish salad for dinner. I got the inspiration in one amazing coffee house Maison Blanc in Musewell Hill where I enjoyed an extraordinary salad which had fennel and radish in it. When we got home I could not resist myself and wanted to try my own version of it. The flavour combination was extremely good. I warmly recommend to try this.

2 chicken breasts fried and cut into cubes

salad ( rocket, spinach and regular salad combination)

4 radishes

half a fennel

100 ml red quinoa (when cooked it will be almost 200 ml)

3 spring onions

1 avocado

olive oil

black pepper

1. Cook the quinoa and fry the chicken.

2. Cut all the other ingredients and add into the bowl. Pour good quality olive oil in and add some black pepper. Mix it well. Add the chicken and quinoa and mix well again.

This is a superfood salad but so tasty, fennel and radish together are amazing! Serve it with fresh bread and olive oil!

Olemme olleet todella kiireisiä viime päivinä lukien nannyjen Cv:itä ja pitäen haastatteluja. Tänä iltana tein illalliseksi fenkoli-retiisisalaattia. Inspiraation sain eräästä ihanasta kahvilasta Maison Blancista Muswell Hillissä. Kun tulimme kotiin halusin koettaa omaa versiotani tästä ihanaisesta salaatista. Fenkoli ja retiisi ovat unelmainen yhdistelmä! Suosittelen siis lämpimästi kokeilemaan tätä salaattia!

2 kanan rintaa paistettu ja kuutioitu

salaattia (rucola, pinaatti, salaatti sekoitus)

4 retiisiä

puolikas fenkoli

1 dl punaista quinoaa (keitettyna tulee n. 2dl)

 3 kevätsipulia

1 avokado



1. Keitä quinoa ja paista kananrinnat.

2. Kuutioi kaikki ainekset ja sekoita yhteen. Kaada hyvälaatuista oliiviöljyä runsaasti sekaan, lisää mustapippuria ja sekoita. Tarjoile tuoreen leivän ja oliiviöljyn kanssa. Jam!

Tip of the week: Avocado Nature’s Butter -Avokado Luonnon Voi

ImageFor many Australians particularly for Queenslanders it is self evident to use avocado on the bread as a spreading. My Aussie husband’s favourite combination is Vegemite and mashed avocado on the top of the rice cake. I know, sounds weird! I have to admit that it is incredibly tasty. During my current diet I cannot put butter on bread (which I love to do!!) and I am not very fond of those vegetable oil spreadings as they don’t have the same flavour as butter, only the consistency imitates it. Being so, lately I have mashed avocado and used it as a spreading on the top of rice cakes and bread. It is tasty, healthy and nutritious! I warmly recommend to anyone. An extremely tasty combination is this avocado mash, a hint of black pepper and for example smoked salmon on any bread.