Mums’ night out

I had a great evening last night. I caught up with my dear mummy friend. Like I mentioned in my previous post we went to our old neighbourhood in Highbury. We met in a nice bar Zioulf’s on Upper Street. It is a nice bar, quite artsy feel inside and lots of experimental cocktails.


After a glass of wine in Zilouf’s we felt starving and started wandering down the Upper street. When we got to the front of La Farola I could not help myself. I actually have mentioned this place once before in my blog, a bit over one year ago. I was there with my husband when our daughter was only 3 months old and the place had just opened. I remembered it being amazing, probably one of the best Spanish food I have eaten outside of Spain. They had a photographer in the bar as they were hoping to put more photos and videos on their website..oh dear the photographer was next to us all night so we will probably appear on the website soon!


We ordered honey glazed courgette flower -amazing-, crispy pork belly, steamed octopus and tasty bruchetta, all tapas. We bought an enjoyable tasty white wine bottle:Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de la Viste, Languedoc, France. I was delighted, the wine was extremely good.

I love our catch ups every time. What is special is that our daughters were born on the exact same day in the same year having Camden in their birth certificates! The other thing that is special is that we don’t have to talk about babies all the time, in fact we quite rarely do if it is only two of us without babies. It is so nice to catch up with the mummy friend but actually have something more in common than the child. It also means that if we want to talk about the challenges of motherhood we can and the other person truly understands, but also we can just sip our wine and pretend for a second being back in our twenties! We both also have this love of Highbury and we hope to return there one day. Islington is a special place in London. Like my friend puts it, it has that variety of life in it and everyone looks different but interesting in their own way. I will miss that place and I will miss our mummy nights out..although maybe when we meet again in London our children will be so much older that we can have a proper party night for change. Our daughters were friends since I think 3 weeks old..will be funny when they meet again and we can tell the story and show some photos.

Anyway, if you are in Islington try the above mentioned places they are super nice! I have had so many happy moments in my life right there!

life to enjoy