Last visit to Finland before jetting off

Sorry about the blog silence I have been busy here in Finland. It has been wonderful too see everyone but tears are running down my face and goodbyes are difficult. The flight here was super easy. I could not believe it. Life has changed again, for better. My dear daughter was sitting nicely next to me, luckily the plane was not fully booked so there was a spare seat for her. She is still well under two so normally there would be no seats but we were lucky. I was looking at the other babies in the plane, a 6-month old and 9-month old and oh what a circus it was. I am so happy those days are over! My daughter absolutely loves flying and reading the safety instructions as you can see. Maybe she becomes a female pilot. She is brave and fearless.


On Friday night I saw my lovely group of friends. I am really blessed I think. I have a wonderful girl group of primary school friends, a wonderful girl group of high school friends and a wonderful girl group of university friends. When I see them it is like time has not passed. two of us started with some champagne in the restaurant Kiila in the centre of Helsinki. I truly recommend this place. champagne glasses were 6 euros and the place is just great! Perfect for after works or for weekends.

shamppis kiila

It was emotional though. After the champagne we all met, cooked some food and drank some delicious wine. Well maybe time has passed a bit, instead of cheap bottles of wine we really bought nice stuff. It was nostalgic, we used to do this so often back in uni. We all are strong women, extremely feminist personalities, ambitious and I guess men would describe us difficult but we think we just have woman power. No man bosses us around that is for sure. I lasted all dinner and drinks wihout tears until the leaving time hit, oh dear what a flood of tears came out. It was so hard to say goodbye. I love these people so much and I have missed them every day whilst living in London. I think what has made it worse is that four of us have not been in the same country for a long of us lived in Denmark, I lived in London and one of us travelled a lot. Two others and I did an exchange year at uni so now when finally three of them are living in Finland we could all be together again but no I leave to the other side of the world, ironic. I guess in the middle of this motherhood when I hardly have my own time I miss my dear friends even more and those times we spent together as free souls seem extremely unique. Well maybe after couple of years we are back in Finland and I can finally have some time with these special people.

Today my highschool friends will come to visit me and there may be more tears. Luckily we all have kids so it will be such a hassle that I hopefully cannot get too emotional. I baked some blueberry tart which we can enjoy with some vanilla sauce.

sauna 2

My dear daughter went to sauna with me. She loved the sizzling noise that water made when it hit the rocks. I love sauna, another funny thing I will miss. Couple of more days here and then we are back in London town for the final stress.

I hope you all are having a relaxing Monday. I will go back to do some more knitting, my daughter’s Norwegian knit is getting ready soon!