Chewy double chocolate cookies -Suklaacookiet

ImageYesterday I asked from my dear Aussie husband what he fancies as I felt like baking. He responded straight away by saying chocolate cookies but chewy not crunchy ones. Well that was an interesting request. I am not a big fan of cookies myself and definitely not chewy ones, I like crunchy ones so I had to start hunting the recipe from the internet. I ended up trying Nigella’s recipe and it turned out to be really good. I hope you enjoy these tasty cookies too 🙂

12 cookies:

125g dark chocolate

2dl (1cup) white flour

1/2dl (1/4cup) coco powder

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

125g butter

1dl (1/2 cup) soft brown sugar

1/2dl (1/4 cup) white sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg

50-100g dark chocolate chunks

1. Preheat the oven to 170 celsius degrees.  Mix flour, baking soda, salt and coco powder together.

2. Melt 125g chocolate.

3. Whisk butter and sugars until creamy. Add the melted chocolate.

4. Beat in the egg and vanilla extract.

5. Mix with the flour mix.

6. Add chocolate chunks and mix well.

7. Form approximately 12 cookies on the tray.

8. Bake for 18 minutes.


Kysyin eilen ihanaiselta Aussimieheltäni mitä hänen tekisi mieli, sillä olin leipomistuulella. Hän tuumasi hetken ja totesi, suklaacookieita, mutta sellaisia sitkeitä ei rapsakoita. En itse ole mikään suuri cookieiden ystävä, joten minulla ei reseptiarkistossa ollut sopivaa ohjetta. Lähdin siis metsästämään internetistä sellaista. Päädyin Nigellan reseptiin ja sitä hieman mukaillen leivoin seuraavalla ohjeella suklaacookieita. Olivat super hyviä!

12 keksiä:

125g tummaa suklaata

2dl jauhoja

1/2dl kaakajauhetta

1 tl ruokasoodaa

1/2 tl suolaa

125g butter

1dl ruskeaa sokeria ( intiaanisokeria)

1/2dl valkoista sokeria

1 tl vaniljatiivistettä

1 muna

50-100g suklaapaloja

1. Lämmitä uuni 170 asteeseen. Sekoita keskenään jauhot, sooda, suola ja kaakaojauhe.

2. Sulata 125g suklaata.

3. Vatkaa sokerit ja voi vaahdoksi. Lisää sulatettu suklaa.

4.Vatkaa sekaan muna ja vaniljatiiviste.

5. Sekoita jauhoseos sekaan.

6. Lisää suklaapalat seokseen.

7. Muotoile n. 12 cookieta uunilevylle.

8. Paista 18 minuuttia.

Orange chocolate cake -Appelsiinisuklaakakku

ImageMy friend had a BBQ party and I wanted to bring something special like a cake. Everyone else was bringing savoury things so I thought after the tasty grill food something heavy and sweet would be good. I love cakes and of course wanted to make sure I am able to eat the dessert too so I made again dairy, egg and gluten free cake! I was very happy with it and wanted to share the recipe with you. You can obviously do it with dairy too, this is just the version I used. Also all of you who maybe already bored with my special diet recipes I guarantee when the situation is over and I manage to get some special formula for my baby and reduce breastfeeding I will start adding amazing ”normal” recipes again. I, however, think I may need to do these special diet ones on the side if my baby girl’s allergies won’t pass quickly.

It has been a crazy roller coaster and I feel it just gets worse. Now when she is feeding huge amounts of breast milk the allergens pass through in bigger amounts too. Again yesterday I ate something unsuitable (my guess is lentils…) and today she woke up with the horrendous rash everywhere in her body. Therefore I am leaning towards quitting breastfeeding and moving to formula. I know they say ”boob is the best” and I totally agree if the child is not as allergic as mine. At the moment I feel ”boob is the worst”, there is always some new food that causes reactions and poor little thing suffers. Anyway, I hope things will change soon as we will see the specialist in a week’s time. Until then…special diet continues..

Cake base:

5dl (2 1/2 cup) gluten free flour or normal white flour if possible

2dl (1 cup) sugar

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

100g grated dark chocolate or alternatively dairy free rice milk chocolate

2 orange zests grated

150g margarin (dairy free if needed)

1 tbs cashew butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

250dl (250ml) rice milk

1/2dl (50ml)  orange juice form the oranges


Apricot marmelade/jam

Oat cream mixed with sugar, vanilla sugar and vanilla extract


1dl (100ml) oat cream

1dl (1/2 cup) dark brown sugar

1 tbs Cointreau orange liquor

6 pieces of dark chocolate

1. Mix together dry ingredients.

2. Melt the margarin in the pan, add cashew cream and vanilla extract.

3. Pour margarin mix and rice milk into the dry ingredients and mix well.

4. Bake in 175 celsius degrees for 40-50min.

5. Let the cake cool down. Cut it in half.

6. Spread the jam on the base and oat cream mix on the top of it.

7. Prepare the icing.

8. Boil oat cream and sugar in the pan 5-7min until thick. Add Cointreau and chocolate pieces. Spread the icing on the top of the cake.

9. Decorate the cake with some orange.

TIP: If you want to have a moist cake use rice milk on the base and top and brush it and let it absorb.