Friends of Mine -One of the best brunches in Melbourne

My intention was to write many posts after arriving in Melbourne but no chance. I started working pretty much on the following day. We have also been house hunting after work plus every weekend until last weekend. We finally found an amazing home in South Melbourne and are moving there this Friday. It is a beautiful area, I can walk to work and it is only 20min walk from my daughter’s daycare so could not get any more perfect than that. It is exactly the reason why we moved to Australia. No commute on train to work, walking distance from everywhere and close to the beach.

I started working full time, most of the mothers here have called me crazy but I guess this is the Finnish woman in me, in Finland as the childcare is almost free it is very common of women to return to work full time after the toddler is about 2 years old whereas here in Australia 2-3 days a week is more usual scenario. I must look like a workaholic woman compared to most others..I did not even go to my daughter’s daycare until last week. The first three weeks my husband handled all the communications, drop offs and pick ups as he was not working and actually won’t start working until next week. I did feel a bit like a neglectful mother when I went there for the first time. The ladies in the daycare must have been thinking if I even exist :)!

Anyway, everything has gone in an ideal way. Our container is supposed to arrive to the port of Melbourne this week and then it will take 1-2 weeks until we get our stuff as it will be checked by customs. Our daughter has seen the most amazing allergy specialist (about which I will tell in another post!!!!). The health care here is superb and everything else is also super high quality. We have been staying in Airbnb rental in Burnley for these first three weeks. Burnley is a lovely area, super accessible, arty, close to the city and lots of things to do, lots of outlet stores for me! If you ever end up in Burnley I recommend you to visit the most amazing coffee shop called Friends of Mine. It does not only have the most amazing coffee in town but the brunch there is just fantastic!!!  We went there a couple of weeks ago with our friends and the food was yummy! Below some pictures about our meals.

image (28)

Thai beef salad.

 image (29)

Beef burger and phenomenal chips…

image (30)


image (31)

Scallop fennel salad! (My choice..was amazing!)

I try to write another post soon now when things have calmed down. So many things to tell. I want to tell you about the Little Creatures Brewery we went to last weekend and then a little bit about the area we are moving to and about my work. Life is great here and could not feel happier.

Flat White please -Flat White kiitos

I love Flat Whites. It is a type of coffee people are not very used to in Europe. Flat Whites in fact came to the UK during the time I have been living here. Before it was either americano, espresso or latte when you went to order your coffee. Flat White contains basically a couple of espresso shots (usually 2) with the foamy milk but it has less milk than latte so the flavour is stronger and it is not as heavy as latte. Flats Whites are typically Australian and New Zealander thing and Melbourne is the capital of flat whites. The city has so many coffee shops one after another that you can drink coffee every 10 metres. All of them are super good and it is difficult to find bad coffee in Melbourne! In London if I want to find a good coffee (which I have found surprisingly difficult) I usually go for Australian or New Zealander coffee shops as the quality is guaranteed. It seem, however, that it is mainly New Zealanders who have brought the coffee to London rather than Aussies.

The coffee shop I personally think is the best one in town is ”Grind”. It is located in Stratford shopping centre (another one is in Putney). The Flat Whites in this coffee house are phenomenally good and so are their Afghan biscuits. Afghan biscuits are almost like small cakes that are made of coco dough mixed with corn flakes and the biscuits have devilish chocolate topping -yum! I saw my Finnish friend the other day and we met in Stratford shopping mall and headed straight to Grind to have Flat Whites and Afghan biscuits. As soon as my cooker is fixed I will bake some Afghan biscuits and post you my favourite recipe!


In the Grind -Flat White and Afghan biscuit.
Grindissa Stratfordissa-ensimmäinen normaalileivokseni sitten kreisin maidottoman imetysdieetin!


Afghan biscuit. So good
Niin hyvää -afgaanileivos!

There are a few other amazing New Zealander coffee places in London that I can recommend:

All Press in Shoreditch.

Flat White in Soho.

Sacred in Soho, Highbury, Covent Garden and Westfield. Ganton Street Sacred is awesome and it is right in the middle of action in Soho just around the corner of Carnaby Street!

Enjoy your coffee! My key rule is that as coffee is for enjoyment I only drink good one!

Rakastan Flat White kahvia. Se ei ole tyypillinen eurooppalainen kahvityyppi. Flat White on suosittu nimenomaan Australiassa ja Uudessa Seelannissa. Se sisältää yleensä kaksi espresso shottia ja vaahdotettua maitoa, tosin maitoa on huomattavasti vähemmän kuin lattessa. Melbourne erityisesti on tunnettu kahviloistaan, joiden Flat Whitet ovat toinen toistaan parempia! Jos siis haluan hyvää kahvia Lontoossa suuntaan aussi tai uusiseelantilaiseen kahvipaikkaan sillä laatu on niissä taattua. Näyttää tosin siltä, että uusiseelantilaiset ovat valloittaneet Lontoon kahvimarkkinat aussien sijaan.

Mielestäni paras kahvila on Grind, Flat Whitet ja afgaanileivokset ovat tässä paikassa päätä huimaavan hyviä. Kun näin suomalaista ystävääni toissa päivänä me suuntasimme Grindiin Stratfordin ostoskeskuksessa ja maiskutimme afgaanileivokset Flat Whiten kyydittämänä. Afgaanileivokset ovat valtavia pikkuleipia, jotka on valmistettu kaakaotaikinasta, johon on lisäksi sekoitettu corn flakeseja ja kuorrutus on jumalainen suklaavaahto pähkinakorsitein! Heti kun uunini on korjattu postaan suosikki afgaanileivos reseptini tänne!

Grindin lisäksi Lontoossa on muitakin uskomattoman hyviä uusiseelantilaisia kahviloita. Suosittelen kokeilemaan seuraavia!!!

All Press Shoreditchissa.

Flat White Sohossa.

Sacred Sohossa, Highburyssa, Covent Gardenissa ja Westfieldissa.

Nauttikaa kahvista! Kahvi on nautintoaine huonoa sellaista en suuhuni pistä!

Päivi’s Brilliant Whisky Cheesecake

I could name my dear friend Päivi as the cheesecake chef of all. Like one of my chocolate cheesecake recipes, I also owe this whisky cheesecake recipe to Päivi. Last August Päivi and her husband invited me and my Aussieman for an amazing three course dinner. As a dessert she served this breathtaking cheesecake. I asked the recipe immediately, but for some reason I forgot to add it on my site.

My Aussieman loved this cake. He adores all the cheesecakes, but what could be better from man’s point of view than a cheesecake combined with some tasty whisky. I baked this cake for our party last autumn and guests ate it all..nothing was left (even though I secretly hoped I could have eaten some for brekkie).

I know that in Finland there have been wondering cheesecake recipes made of Bailey’s liqueur. By chance, a few days later after I tasted this delicous whisky cake for the first time my mum called and said that their family friends served them heavenly Bailey’s cheesecake the other day. I told her to wait a moment and I promised to bake the whisky cheesecake she wouldn’t ever forget. I baked it next time I visited Finland. My mum absolutely loved this cake and so did my dad (who is not that big fan of sweet desserts). The secret and weapon of this whisky cheesecake is that it is not actually very sweet. The taste of the cake is so unbelievably smooth and balanced. This cake suits also for people who do not like whisky as the flavour of whisky is very nicely combined with some cream cheese.


150 g crushed cookies (Digestive,McVitie’s)

50 g melted butter


2 egg yolk
¾ dl whisky
1 tl vanilla sugar
100 g caster sugar
250 g cream cheese
5 leaves gelatine
1 dl hot coffee
2,5 dl whipped cream
2 egg whites
50 g sugar

Crush the biscuits and mix with the melted butter. Shape the base for the cake by using the cake tin with the removable edges. Soak the leaves of gelatin in the cold water (according to the packet’s instructions) and dissolve them into the coffee. Mix the egg yolks, cream cheese, whisky and sugars together. Add the gelatin-coffee mixture and whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture. Whisk the  two egg whites and 50g of sugar together until the mixture is foamy. Add the foam into the cream cheese mixture.  Pour the filling on the top of the base. Leave it to sit in the fridge for 4-5 hours or overnight. (I found 5 hours enough). If the guests come in the evening the cake is good to make in the morning.

Enjoy with a cup of coffee or by itself!