New dress -Beige, black and smoky lace

I cannot resist shopping, now it is particularly difficult as the client I am working for is based in Soho, London.  I pass all my favourite stores too often.

Last week I found this amazing dress. I love it as it is so classy, simple and nicely cut. My plan is to wear it at Ascot this year 🙂



IMG_20140315_105853Dress: Warehouse

Outfit of the day: Smoky blue and white – Päivän asu: savunsinistä ja valkoista

My huge sorry again -blog silence lasted over a week again. I was meaning write a new post but once my baby girl became well after her ear infection I got some weird fever disease that forced me to bed and then I got some tummy bug. I think after my mummy year my immune system has dropped and I am like a walking virus magnet. I seem to get every bug that flies in the air.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my new favourite dress. I bought it from the store called Warehouse. I love it and I would wear it every day if I only could.

I am particularly fond with the smoky blue colour and the white figure that runs down the dress. First time I wore it I instantly got comments and the lady who complimented my dress said she would run straight away to buy one for herself.
Have a great start of the week!