Sir Charles Unelmainen Brunssi -Dream Brunch at Sir Charles

Meillä on ollut tämän viikonlopun anoppini kylässä. Olemme tehneet kaikkea mukavaa yhdessä. Tänään päätimme suunnata brunssille paikkaan, josta olemme kuullut ylistävää puhetta –Sir Charles, Fitzroy.

Ruokalista oli kerrassaan herkullinen ja annokset olivat aivan jumalaisia. Minä tilasin vegaanisen kookospannakotan  pähkinäisellä kauramyslillä.




Mieheni tilasi Sir Charlesin munat Benediktin tapaan. Annos olikin melkoinen mestariteos. Munat olivat kuorrutettu ja kypsennetty täydellisiksi.


Anoppini tilasi punajuurella ja vuohenjuustolla höystetyn leipäannoksen, sekin aivan uskomaton taideteos.


Kahvi oli maittavaa, pehmeän makuista sekä paikasta sai ostaa myös mitä villeimpiä leivonnaisia.


Saavuimme hieman yhdeksän jälkeen mikä oli täydellinen ajoitus sillä klo 10 ovella oli jo valtava jono. Suosittelen siis heräämään aikaisin ja suuntaamaan tähän ihanaan paikkaan.




Herkullista sunnuntaipäivää kaikille!

My mother-in-law has been in town visiting us all weekend. Today we were heading to a brunch place that we have heard praising reviews of. It is called Sir Charles in Fitzroy. This place was phenomenal. Food was heavenly good as you can see in the pictures above. We were early birds and were there already a bit past 9am which appeared to be the perfect timing as an hour later there was a huge line up at the door. I warmly recommend this place for anyone in North Melbourne looking for a great brunch place! Have a tasty Sunday!

New Bag and New Bar

I have been busy as usually (nothing new I am afraid!). Work is manic just before Christmas. It is like people are preparing for the end of the world and want to do everything BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

To keep myself going and reward myself for the hard work I bought a new bag. I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs. I just love that casual New York style combined with French classic. I actually needed a small cute handbag to take to work, travels and evening catch ups.

The x ring in the picture is also new..I know I am a shopaholic..will tell about it later..

Dress: Betty Basics
Fur: Jane Ramsay Australia
Bag: Marc de Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Nine West
Sunnies: Oakley

I love that grey striped dress. I bought it in Lorne, the store had a large selection of Betty Basics clothing. Perfect to every day life, high quality cotton, fits beautifully and stays well in the washing! I have 3 dresses and I ordered even two more as they are just so nice. I am going through this phase that I mainly wear grey, navy blue, white or black..

Last weekend we also trialled the wine bar nearby. We have lived here almost a year and I cannot believe we have not been to this place. It has been rated one of the nicest bars in Melbourne and I have to admit it is. Food was excellent and wine selection superb! The bar is called Bellota.


I ate delicious vegetarian eggplant dish. And my husband ordered John Dory fish.



So nice isn’t it? We had a great weekend. I have been knitting like a crazy person -my way or managing work stress-. I will soon post some instructions for anyone who is interested. A super easy knit.

I will write more soon. I am on my lunch break and running now back to work! Just wanted to post quickly some updates. I cannot wait for Christmas holidays!



Nudge store and eating in Helsinki-Nudge Helsingissä

I have a fantastic lunch tip in Helsinki again! I have tried to discover a bit more unusual places and this is definitely it. Finnish design store combined with lunch bar. Healthy but tasty food too.

The place is called Nudge  and it is located on Yrjönkatu behind Forum shopping mall in the centre of Helsinki. As in the Nordics quite often the design is combined with sustainable approach. The clothing and interior pieces are just gorgeus! The lunch is great spice for the store. It includes soup or salad and rice paper rolls. The flavours are combined nicely and the salad was extremely delicious, portion size big! I could not finish all my lunch as much as I tried.


They have different size lunch deals. I got the lunch deal that included three rice paper rolls and salad that on that day was a sweet potato, roasted cashew and rocket salad.

I got a king prawn roll, salmon roll and avocado cashew roll.


The salad was yummy and tasted super fresh!


They do coffee, wine and healthy smoothies too!

I recommend this place if you want to combine Nordic fashion with lunch.

I was admiring many clothing pieces for my little daughter (and for myself too…). The cuts are unusual and the clothes are like pieces of art. You can buy the clothes for kids also in online store called Aarrekid. The material for clothes was soft and high quality cotton.

Have a great Sunday! I just baked some cinnamon buns so I will run to eat them now whilst they are fresh from the oven!

Banana Republic Marimekko Collection and Yellow Jacket

So long, so sorry.  I really struggle to find time for my blog at the moment. Work is hectic and my baby at the stage of walking and running everywhere which keeps me busy! I had to post this one outfit though. Banana Republic launched a collection with Marimekko -Finnish iconic brand- and as soon as I saw couple of items I had to get them. Almost everything was sold out online but I ran to the store on Regent Street and manage to get what I wanted! One of the purchases was these lovely trousers Marimekko ”Kivi” print.  In addition to Marimekko I have been looking at this yellow jacket in Zara for almost a month now and today I decided I need it, well I didn’t really needed but I wanted it 🙂

We had a wonderful family day in Notting Hill today. Our baby is so sweet and lovely these days and I can warm heartedly say I enjoy every moment of motherhood at the moment. I guess that is why I struggle to find time for my blog as I feel like spending every moment with my little sweetheart. I promise I try to soon get back here with some good recipes. Here some pics of my outfit today.



How beautiful is High Street Kensington and Notting Hill area! One of my favourite parts of London. We found a fantastic pub in Kensington area by the way. It is called Windsor Castle -I recommend it  to everyone. Really high quality food, amazing beer garden and impressive wine selection.



Have a relaxing weekend!