Gordon Ramsay’s York and Albany -Gordon Ramsayn York and Albany

I have had a busy but wonderful past week. First my dad was visiting us and then my Finnish friend came to stay with us with her two children. I have had such great time and it has been incredibly nice to just speak Finnish and let Isla to hear and speak Finnish!

I took my dad and husband to York and Albany on last Saturday. It was my husband’s birthday so it was a perfect place to go. Before lunch we took our sweet little daughter to the playground at Primrose Hill. She has been there before and loves it as it has a big sandbox.  The weather was good and warm, almost like a summer day! After the playground time we did our typical ”feed the baby and put her to sleep” routine which worked perfectly again. As our baby girl loves her 3h naps we were able to head to the pub and enjoy a long three course lunch.

I started with some champagne and men went for Bloody Marys.



I started with some salmon and salsa verde and men decided to get some foamy mushroom soup which by the way was amazing!.



For the main course my dad and I ordered some haddock wrapped in parma ham and my husband took truffle pasta.



Like I have mentioned before I love chocolate desserts so I ordered the French style chocolate tart with black coffee whereas men went for the savoury choice of cheese platter which I helped them out with…super tasty.



I picked the wine for us which was a fruity and smooth Italian red, perfect for socialising as it was not too heavy or full bodied. I was actually extremely happily surprised how good the wine was as I did not go for an expensive one.


We had a wonderful day. Food was superb, beautifully presented and what was even more amazing was that we happened to have a Finnish waitress. I noticed her slight Nordic accent and was able to locate she was from Finland and bravely asked if I was correct. She was so happy to serve us in Finnish. To thank her for the good service my dad gave her Finnish chocolate. She was so happy about that!

Back to the lunch…I cannot believe the  price value of the lunch menu York and Albany has at the weekends. Three course lunch is £24. The food is excellent and the dining room in the pub is gorgeous. If you have not been there it is worth going. If you don’t want to go for the set lunch menu you can always order from a la carte. Wine selection is great too! I think the bottle of Italian I ordered was only £26 and I have to say it was extremely tasty!

I am now heading back to continue my Norwegian knit which I am determined to finish rather soon. I hope you have a good start of the week!

Fox and Grapes pub in Wimblendon -Fox and Grapes pubi Wimbledonissa

Before we went to to see tennis last summer we obviously needed a feed, a good feed. My husband and I did lots of investigation about the pubs nearby the grounds. In the end we did not end up going anywhere near but to the place that has gotten the best reviews. Here comes a fantastic pub tip if you do a day trip to Wimbledon. The pub is called Fox and Grapes. It is situated in the most gorgeus old house, it is outside of the centre of Wimbledon so you really need to commit to go there either by bus (a quick couple of stops) or by car. Food is worth it, it is extremely tasty. The chef if French so it is hard to go wrong.

fox and grapes

The best thing in this pub is that during the Wibledon tennis tournament they have a huge screen in the bar side of the pub and you can watch tennis and sip champagne indoors if it is raining outside and you want to watch a centre court game somewhere with the atmosphere.

My husband ordered mussles. Super tasty. All mussles were big, juicy and shells open.


I ordered Ploughman’s lunch just to be funny for change.


Food was so well presented and flavoursome. The chutney was delicious and so was the pâté. I am extremely picky with pâtés, they can be awfully fatty and grose or tasty, meaty and juicy, this was the latter one.

When eating out I always go for dessert, I hardly ever manage to finish them but I always want to try. Desserts are something that I quite often get disappointed with. The selection in Fox and Grapes was great and I ended up going for black coffee and sweet chocolate finish. The home made ice cream was heavenly!


If you have not tried this place, go and do a day trip to Wimbledon!