Mise en Dior earrings -Mise en Dior korvakorut

Many of you who read other fashion blogs may have encountered the earrings that seem to have impressed  fashion lovers. These are the Dior style Mise en Dior earrings that have studs or pearls in both ends of the earrings. They look sophisticated and trendy. They are simple but yet so stylish.

mise en dior

Mise en Dior earrings. Double pearls.

I saw the Zara versions of the earrings in one of my favourite blogs Style Plaza. I actually preferred them compared to the Dior ones as the Zara double pears bend nicely over the ear lobe as the pearls are further from each other than in the Dior version. This makes ears look somehow more feminine. After seeing them I could not get the earrings out of my head. I felt I needed them (as I so often do with clothes..). I found a similar looking pair in Finland, in fact I found them at Lindex.

lindex korvakorut double studs

Lindex earrings. By the way now in sale!

Very similar to Zara’s ones as you can soon notice.



When I returned back to London I went instantly on Zara’s website and bought the double pearl earrings. I tried to find them in all the Zara stores (including Heathrow airport..)I passed but none of them had those earrings on display. I got the pair last week.  They are just gorgeous. I usually prefer real materials and am not a big fan of buying earrings from high street stores but I have been extremely happy with these double pearls. They rock!


Zara pearl earrings.

Snake prints and shades of grey – Käärmeprinttejä ja harmaan sävyjä

Within the past month I have fallen in love with the grey snake printed clothes that I recently bought. I often laugh at myself. When I find something super nice I wear it all the time until I get bored of looking the same every day, same applies to jewellery. I carried so many clothes with me to Finland but when I found the perfect ”snake shirt” I pretty much wore it as much as I could.

I have two different snake printed shirts, both of them I actually bought in Finland. The one is more like a top without sleeves, perfect under the jacket or for warm Autumn days, the other is a see through long sleeve shirt, super comfortable and relaxed. I like to combine those shirts either with other shades of grey, peachy pink or white.


In Finland I wore the see through shirt with white pants. I quite like the combination, in general I think grey and white go so well together. I am not normally very fond of grey but with white, peachy light pink or different shades of grey it looks more like me.

Back in London I wore the snake printed top with a grey jacket and black jeans skirt.


I also found perfect autumn shoes during my trip to Finland.


I love the golden studs, kind of a sophisticated cowgirl look! Works with jeans or with skirts!

I also got my nails done with greyish navy blue colour as it seems to be the perfect dark shade for this Autumn, it goes well with anything really. I have previously advertised Loreta Jag in Knightbridge that is an amazing beauty salon. The problem with Loreta Jag for me is that it is totally on the other side of the town and so far to go to in the weekday evenings so recently I have been going to the place nearby Swiss Care. I have two favourite ladies doing my nails there, they do great job and quite quickly too. Loreta Jag is more of a luxury visit as they do one hour full manicure included in the package whereas at Swiss Care I only go for Shellac and some quick manicure. I always go for Shellac (CND) instead of Gelish. I know it is quite personal what suits for you better. I have felt that Shellac stays better on my nails and seems not to cause too much damage on the surface of the nail.


I cannot wait for the weekend. My husband and I have a date, a proper date. Our nanny will come to look after our daughter whilst we can actually have some couple’s time. As London Restaurant Festival is on I booked for us one of the festival menus in L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon is has one Michelin star, it is a multi award winning place and one of the London West End hot spot. Before leaving London I wanted to check out this French restaurant. As the restaurant festival is on you get great deals so I booked us a three course late lunch with matching wines. I cannot wait for eating there. The place has gotten fantastic reviews all over the place. I will post everything about it as soon as I can. Hopefully they allow to take photos of the dishes, some places in London won’t.

Talk to you soon! Have a great Wednesday afternoon!

Pastel pink -Pinkkiä pastellia

I have started to like pastel colours again. Last spring and summer it was all about strong colours but this season is dedicated to soft and light colours. I was looking for a statement shirt but couldn’t find the one that pleases me but this lovely pinkish beige shirt with blue prints captured my eye. I was wearing this outfit when I hit the town with my sister last weekend 🙂 Have to say I really like this simple combination.





Jacket: H&M (old!)
Shirt: Oasis
Trousers: River Island
Heels: Clarks

I baked the cake and soon decorating it with caramel chocolate popcorns and will publish the recipe as my next post!

I hope you are all having a great weekend. We are having a BBQ with our friends today!! It is supposed to be 20 centigrade and sunny! It is mother’s day today here in England although I don’t know how to celebrate it as it is not a mother’s day in Finland. I think as a Finnish mother I need to celebrate mother’s day on Finnish date 🙂 I have a cake, champagne and BBQ but that is all 🙂

Spring time heels 2014-Kevään korot 2014

I know this would happen to me. Now when I am back to work I just cannot resist some shopping. I am not buying the things I need but the things I want! My latest purchase has been two pairs of high heels. I too often wear only black heels with some colourful clothes which lately has started to feel a bit too boring. To change this I bought cute blue high heels that would go perfectly with beige or pink and beige high heels that would go nicely with white, blue and pretty much any clothes. Beige heels will bring brightness to the look and they are the must have this spring, where ever you wonder you will see them in every store! Pastel colours and beige heels are this spring fashion.

I bought my heels from Clarks. I know some people think it is a boring store but I walk a lot and I want to be able to walk all day in my heels if needed and Clarks shoes can make it happen. I have never gotten blisters or sore feet from their shoes. Clarks used to be a lot more boring brand but within the past couple of years they have really put a lot of effort in their design and I think they have super stylish shoes these days!



Heels: Clarks

The shoes below are the ones that I am craving for this summer..What do you think, pretty nice. I am so in love with the strong neon yellow at the moment, I would love to have a bag with black, white and neon yellow colours too!
clarks yellow

This weekend I will post you a recipe I promise.  I have been so busy and no time for baking or cooking (only shopping !). I am planning to bake a chocolate caramel popcorn cake for Sunday when our friends are coming to play some tennis and to have some BBQ . If (and hopefully when) the cake is a success I will share the recipe with you  so… watch this place!

Last weekend outfit: Golden and black

This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment. Nothing glam, nothing too tricky but quite classic and suits for any occasion.
Like I said in my previous posts I am becoming older as I do not feel like dressing myself in skinny tops but I rather have a bit looser shirt with high heels and skinny trousers. Parisian street style.



Shirt: Sting
Trousers: River Island
Heels: Nine West

Outfit of the day: Smoky blue and white – Päivän asu: savunsinistä ja valkoista

My huge sorry again -blog silence lasted over a week again. I was meaning write a new post but once my baby girl became well after her ear infection I got some weird fever disease that forced me to bed and then I got some tummy bug. I think after my mummy year my immune system has dropped and I am like a walking virus magnet. I seem to get every bug that flies in the air.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my new favourite dress. I bought it from the store called Warehouse. I love it and I would wear it every day if I only could.

I am particularly fond with the smoky blue colour and the white figure that runs down the dress. First time I wore it I instantly got comments and the lady who complimented my dress said she would run straight away to buy one for herself.
Have a great start of the week!

Weekend outfit with blue and beige -Viikonlopun asu sähkönsininstä ja beigeä

The weekend weather in London was wonderful so sunny and bright that you can definitely tell Spring time is approaching. Every year I just get surprised how winter comes and goes and you hardly notice it over here. As a Finn I still cannot get my head around the fact that here in London I do not have to get prepared mentally for the dark days without sunlight every year. So funny, my inner Polar bear mind still thinks the winter will be spent in a drowsy sleep waiting for the first sparks of sunlight! Anyway, as the weekend was so Spring like -even though being chilly- I wanted  to wear something bright. This was my outfit. I absolutely love the scarf in the picture. I got it from my mother-in-law and have been wearing it a lot with different outfits.

ImageImageImageShirt: Promod, Heels: Dorothy Perkins, Trousers: River Island, Scarf: a gift from my mother-in-law.

I hope you have a nice start for the week!

Leather and Fur -Nahkaa ja turkista

I had a relaxing Belgium holiday at the weekend about which I will tell you in my next blog post! I have awesome traveling tips as we went to such wonderful places!

The winter is definitely arriving in the UK too, it was very chilly this morning and our house feels a lot colder than before. Unlike many Finns I like cold houses, I find them much more refreshing and I sleep better. I love to wrap myself into winter clothes and put my funny house socks on. Today I thought I will dress up very warmly as it takes time to get used to the cold temperatures after the long and warm summer. I bought quite a nice pairs of leather pants last spring but haven’t had a chance to wear them much yet. They are a bit baggy due to my weight loss but with the belt I manage to make them look like they fit. This was my funny wintery outfit  today 🙂 I love the vest, I bought it from The Sting last year. My leather trousers are from Asos.


Minulla oli ihana loma Belgiassa viikonloppuna. Kirjoitan siitä seuraavassa blogipostauksessani, sillä minulla on liuta ihania matkustustippeja jaettavana!

Talvi on viimein saapunut Lontooseen, on kylmempää niin talossa kuin ulkona. Niinpä päätin pukeutua tänään super lämpimästi ja laitoin viime keväänä ostamani nahkahousut jalkaan. Ne roikkuvat jonkin verran painoni pudottua roimasti, mutta vyöllä saan ne näyttämään siltä kuin ne istuisivat täydellisesti. Housut ovat Asosista ja liivi The Sting liikkeen viime vuoden mallistosta. Aluksi kauhistuin nahkan ja turkiksen yhdistelmää, mutta tovin sitä peilistä katseltuani totesin, että look on aika kiva 🙂

Another pampering day -Toinen hemmottelupäivä

I had another pampering day today. My dad is in town which is amazing by the way as I have spare two hands helping me with the baby! Whilst my dad went to have a day out shopping and my dear Aussie husband was looking after our sweet baby girl I went to hairdresser, to my absolute favourite and trusted one called Jojo&Flo. I always book the salon director to do my hair and she is just amazing. She told me already last time that I should go for bob style cut and darker highlights, I hesitated. Now I was I totally ready for the change. I thought the suggestion of salon director would suit me as my dear Aussie husband told me last summer that ”darling you are turning to thirty it would be maybe time to look a bit more elegant rather than girly”.  He meant it in a nice way and I totally agreed. Time to change my look to more classic chic, like Parisian street style rather than have my long blonde hair flowing whilst wearing something pink :)! So today I took darker highlights, in fact mix of three: dark brown, golden brown and blonde.


Tänään sain nauttia toisesta hemmottelupäivää tässä kuussa. Luksusta! Isäni on Lontoossa käymässä, mikä on ihanaa, minulla on kaksi muuta kättä auttamassa vauvan kanssa. Kun isäni suuntasi shoppailemaan keskustaan ja rakas aussimieheni toimi lastenvahtina suuntasin luottokampaajalleni muodonmuutokseen. Varaan aina ajan niin kutsutulta ”salon directorilta”, mikä täällä on korkein kampaajan arvo salongeissa (täällä siis usein titteli etenee graduate, stylist, senior stylist ja salon director). Hän jo viime kerralla ehdotti trendikästa polkkaa ja tummempia raitoja. Silloin emmin. Nyt olin valmis muutokseen. Viime kesänä nimittäin aviomieheni hyvään sävyyn tokaisi ”rakas täytät kolmekymmentä, ehkä olisi aika pukeutua elegantimmin pikemminkin kuin tyttömäisesti”. Olin samaa mieltä. On aika tavoitella pariisilaista klassista katutyylia pitkien blondien hiusten ja pinkkien vaatteiden sijaan. Tänään siis leikkasin trendikkaan polkan ja otin kolmen sävyn raidat: tumman ruskeaa, kullan ruskeaa ja blondia. Olen uskomattoman tyytyväinen. Lopputulos oli juuri sitä mitä toivoinkin. Kiitos ihanaisen luottokampaajani!


For tonight I have a whole free range chicken in white wine simmering in a slow cooker for dinner.  I will post you the recipe if it is successful. This is in the end my first whole chicken that I am cooking. I love slow cookers by the way, they are the dream of any housewife as you just put things in for 8-10 hours and you get an amazing meat that falls off the bone -yummy! I better go now to enjoy my evening as I just got my baby to sleep. I hope you have had a lovely weekend so far. Have a relaxing Saturday night!


Illalliseksi minulla on tulossa kokonainen kana valkoviinissä. Toivottavasti se onnistuu. Jos kokkaan ensimmäisen kokonaisen kanani onnistuneesti, resepti seuraa perässä tähän blogiin. Kokkaan kanaa siis niin kutsutussa ”slow cookerissa” (uunimme on siis yhä hajalla kiitos British Gasin huonon palvelun). Rakastan muuten ”slow cookeria”, se on jokaisen kotirouvan unelma. Ei tarvitse kuin laittaa mausteet, lihat ja liemet ”slow cookeriin” ja jättää hiljakseen poreilemaan 8-10 tunniksi. Liha suorastaan putoaa luusta, niin meheväksi se tulee. Lähden nyt nauttimaan lauantai-illasta sillä sain juuri vauvamme nukkumaan. Toivottavasti teillä on ollut onnistunut viikonloppu. Ihanaista lauantai-iltaa kaikille!