Tony’s Deli in Helsinki – Tony’s Deli Helsingissä

 I personally always struggle with lunch places in Helsinki. Helsinki is amazing for high end cuisine that you enjoy in the evenings but lunches are trickier. Reasonably priced lunches are hard to find if you don’t want to end of in the regular salad bar.

My sister has been praising a place called Tony’s Deli on Bulevardi street in Helsinki. It is actually under the ground so you rather easily just pass the place without noticing it. This week I went to Helsinki with my dad and we went to try this place. I was extremely positively surprised.

The decor was lovely! The place has both restaurant and wine bar.



It has relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.


The best thing is that during the day time sparkling wine is only 2.90 euros per glass in their wine bar! I guess this tells something about the Finns, they never drink at lunch time so one can easily have offers like this. Great for tourists like me!


The lunch was 10 euros. Great price. This included soup starter which was tomato on that day, all the salads from the buffet, main course and coffee with a biscuit. You were able to either choose the main from the buffet (that was a bit too work lunch option for my taste..) or order mains separately from the wine bar menu, in either case the soup, salads and coffee were included in the price. As I am a huge Caesar salad fan I ordered that. It was super tasty and well presented!


I warmly recommend this place if you end up wondering in Helsinki at lunch time.

Have a great Wednesday!