New bag and purse: DKNY

A week ago I ended up buying this gorgeous bag! Last weekend -a week later- I had to walk back to the store and buy a matching purse. I think this is very simple bag and goes with pretty much anything. It is  a perfect size as it is  between a handbag and a tote. There is also another consideration that I never had to think about until I had a child -I need to be able to hang the bag on the pram -extremely important when traveling!

IMG_20140309_095353The leather is soft and smooth.

IMG_20140309_095404Handbag: DKNY


IMG_20140316_110608Purse: DKNY

Leather and Fur -Nahkaa ja turkista

I had a relaxing Belgium holiday at the weekend about which I will tell you in my next blog post! I have awesome traveling tips as we went to such wonderful places!

The winter is definitely arriving in the UK too, it was very chilly this morning and our house feels a lot colder than before. Unlike many Finns I like cold houses, I find them much more refreshing and I sleep better. I love to wrap myself into winter clothes and put my funny house socks on. Today I thought I will dress up very warmly as it takes time to get used to the cold temperatures after the long and warm summer. I bought quite a nice pairs of leather pants last spring but haven’t had a chance to wear them much yet. They are a bit baggy due to my weight loss but with the belt I manage to make them look like they fit. This was my funny wintery outfit  today 🙂 I love the vest, I bought it from The Sting last year. My leather trousers are from Asos.


Minulla oli ihana loma Belgiassa viikonloppuna. Kirjoitan siitä seuraavassa blogipostauksessani, sillä minulla on liuta ihania matkustustippeja jaettavana!

Talvi on viimein saapunut Lontooseen, on kylmempää niin talossa kuin ulkona. Niinpä päätin pukeutua tänään super lämpimästi ja laitoin viime keväänä ostamani nahkahousut jalkaan. Ne roikkuvat jonkin verran painoni pudottua roimasti, mutta vyöllä saan ne näyttämään siltä kuin ne istuisivat täydellisesti. Housut ovat Asosista ja liivi The Sting liikkeen viime vuoden mallistosta. Aluksi kauhistuin nahkan ja turkiksen yhdistelmää, mutta tovin sitä peilistä katseltuani totesin, että look on aika kiva 🙂